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Top six players with most assists in 2023

Published at :January 2, 2024 at 12:34 AM
Modified at :January 13, 2024 at 11:17 AM
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Manav Chowdhury

These stars have performed exceptionally well for their club and country this year

Assists in football are significant since they directly result in goals. They stand in for the last move or action that results in a teammate scoring a goal. A player’s ability to create opportunities for goals as well as his vision, technique, and knowledge of the game is displayed through assists. Assists are a crucial component of a player’s total contribution to the success of the team since they frequently demand outstanding decision-making and accurate passing. 

Fans, coaches, and the media all pay attention to the players who provide the most assists. Some of the best creators in football history and in recent times are Lionel Messi, Thomas Muller, Kevin De Bruyne and Angel Di Maria. These players have consistently helped their teams by giving their teammates opportunities to score. Here we look at the top four players with the most assists in 2023 (top five European leagues):

6. Johan Bakayoko (PSV) – 13 Assists

Johan Bakayoko came from PSV’s academy and is one of the most exciting talents to watch in European football. The 20-year-old Belgian already has nine international caps to his name. Bakayoko has 14 goal contributions in the current season including nine assists. PSV have a 100% record in the league and Bakayoko’s nine assists have played a key role in this winning run.

5. Julian Brandt (Borussia Dortmund) – 13 Assists

Brandt’s ability to create something out of nothing makes him one of the most dangerous offensive threats in the Bundesliga. He does this by being hyper-aware of his surroundings and scanning the pitch, but also by having a deadly mix of precision and creativity while on the ball. This allows him to make passes that many players wouldn’t see, or be able to escape pressure that most players wouldn’t be able to evade.

One of the most impressive skills that Brandt boasts is his ability to play one-touch passes with a high amount of accuracy and venom, often using a single pass to split an entire defence open. Not only is this quality found in the attack, but also in the centre of the pitch, where Brandt uses one-touch passing to retain possession.

Arguably the strongest aspect of Brandt’s game is his spatial awareness, which he excels at by checking over his shoulder constantly. Due to his rapid scanning of the game, Brandt is hyper-aware of his opponent’s locations as well as his teammates.

4. Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen) – 13 Assists

Florian Wirtz Bayer Leverkusen
Florian Wirtz has recorded 13 assists in 2023

There is a strong sense of fluidity and freedom to his positioning although he features primarily behind the strik­er or wide on the left.  He is surprisingly agile and con­stant scanning, a valuable skill in midfielders, that allows him to photograph the pitch mentally, which aids his smooth movement and timing. Wirtz is also an extremely strong ball-carrier.

He is still growing into his body but can shirk off challenges with minimal fuss and more importantly, bounces off opponents without breaking stride. His turn of pace is surprising and can be extremely difficult to stop when in full flow all while keeping close control of the ball. 

Wirtz remains unfazed, he already knows where he will play the ball. Whether receiving in a deeper area or in the final third, Wirtz’s tactical intelligence and vision allow him to manoeuvre the opposing press and find his teammate in space with a pinpoint first-time ball.

3. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) – 13 Assists

One of the key aspects of a lethal forward is his positioning. Griezmann is great at creating and exploiting space. Griezmann is skilled at moving into positions that make it difficult for the opposition to know whose responsibility he is, thereby increasing the chances that he will be left free. He poses an increased goal threat because of his ability to time his runs to target cut-backs and to combine from between the lines with others during both periods of sustained possession and moments of transition.

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In addition to his ability to score and create goals, he has also been praised for his work-rate, attacking movement, positional sense, and ability to interpret the game, which, combined with his pace, mobility and energy, enables him to make effective attacking runs to beat the defensive line.

Top four players with most assists in 2023
Top four players with most assists in 2023

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 15 Assists

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah is the leading assist provider in 2023 in the top five European leagues with 15 assists

Salah is predominantly known for his speed, movement, clinical finishing, agility, dribbling skills, first touch, and ball control, as well as his ability to use both his pace and flair on the ball to beat opponents and create scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates. He is a powerful runner, who uses his frightening pace and acceleration in many ways. He constantly looks for balls in behind if an opposition’s defence ever pushes up high enough to leave him space to run into. 

He is comfortable working in tight spaces and his exceptional dribbling ability means he is extremely useful against deep-set defences. He came to the Premier League as an improving player but has taken his game to the next level at Liverpool, his position secure as a world-class forward. 

1. Joey Veerman (PSV) – 16 Assists

Joe Veerman assists
Veerman has six international caps

Joey Veerman joined PSV from Heerenveen in January 2022. He has been the main supplier for the Dutch team from the middle of the park. The 25-year-old ended as the top assist provider in 2023.

Veerman has nine assists in the current season and he created 14 goals in the 2022-23 season. The Dutchman has played a key role in PSV’s 100% record in the Eredivisie.

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