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Vivek Dynamite – Story of Purulia’s football dream

Published at :February 21, 2024 at 7:31 PM
Modified at :February 21, 2024 at 11:09 PM
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Dhritiman Nandi

The main aim is to send players from this academy to the Indian team in the near future.

Purulia is situated in the western part of West Bengal and shares its border with the state of Jharkhand. Purulia is known for its natural beauty and is home to several hills, forests and waterfalls. 

However, Purulia has its fair share of issues like unemployment and other political issues like the “Junglemahal-problem” and addictions. To help the young boys and youth, a bunch of inspired folks under the leadership of a doctor who is an alumni of the Ramkrishna Mission started a sports development project for the underprivileged tribal boys within the Junglemahal districts of the state. 

Now, a common scenario seen on the training ground in Manbazar is that of a few tribal santals with the scorching sun of Purulia on their backs, playing football. Also, endurance and skill training are going on. It’s not uncommon to see someone suddenly scoring from a powerfull shot like a bullet! 

This is how the “Kushilabs” of Purulia’s Manbazar Vivekananda Sports Academy, who are steadfast in their determination to turn saplings into trees on dry land with hungry stomachs, are preparing to achieve their goals. The journey started with the son of this soil, a doctor, an ex-student of the Ramkrishna Mission who wants the potential of the children here to flourish. This will come through promoting their game to professionalism, sports infrastructure development, economic and social development, reducing the crime-proneness of the society, by making education compulsory. 

Also included in the scheme is re-mainstreaming of dropouts, training to join the police and army and vocational training. Inclusion through football is the aim. The development of values in this endeavour, enlightened by education will also be a true celebration of the inherent strength of these indigenous marginalized people. Football has given them a new hope to do something meaningful in life and earn a dignified living. 

A core group has been formed with the coordinating group of universities participating in this process to draw up the blueprint for the future. Many changes are being noticed in a short span of time. Children have left the addiction of mobile phones and gone to the field, the extent of child labour has decreased, the number of early marriages has decreased, the abandoned schools have been repaired into semi-residential dormitories and a gymnasium.

In this short and eventful journey, Vivekananda Sports Academy who lovingly call themselves Vivek – Dynamite has achieved many feats. They have reached the semi-final of the DRM Cup of All India Railways. 

Munna Mandi, a Vivek – Dynamite, trained player who has just started his career scored a total of three goals against Kerala, Mizoram and Rajasthan in the Santosh Trophy. Vijay Murmu also became the top scorer for Bengal in last year’s tournament.

Two footballers joined the West Bengal Police, about 35 have played in the CFL league which is the most in the history of Purulia district as of today. Coaches have also been trained in mainstream AIFF programs and are spreading that football across the district. Those who never had the luxury of eating two handfuls of rice every day, are today taking care of themselves and their families by toiling and sweating on the football field.

The taste of this success has raised the dream to another level. The main aim is to send players from this academy to the Indian team in the near future and play the All India Youth Football League in our own name, Swamiji’s name.

To resource all this, manpower, personnel support/influence in various departments and money are required. They hope that the Ramkrishna Mission fraternity will take a leading role in this. So, it is only a matter of time before this dream becomes a reality. May this brave effort make a successful debut through those who are proud to call themselves “Vivek Dynamite.”

If you feel inspired by this story and think they can impact Indian football in a miniscule but impactful manner, please try to support them. The club can be contacted at –  [email protected]

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