The German tactician defended his players by lashing out on the critics of his side’s midfield.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp dismissed the talks that his team’s midfield has become the weakest link of the team. The Liverpool gaffer was supportive of his players and refused to cite creativity as the problem of the midfield, but of the team.

Ever since the departure of the Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool has struggled to get their attacking flair back in their midfield. When Alex Oxlade Chamberlain looked like to be a potential replacement, someone who could fill in the big boots of the famed Brazilian, he got injured and since has struggled to deal with the injuries. The newly signed midfielders, Naby Kieta and Fabinho, haven’t settled well yet.

Liverpool boss, albeit, believes that creativity isn’t the issue but it is what it is because they are focusing more on bettering the defensive aspect of their game, to improve as a unit. He also said that he was unsure if the addition of a player like Oxlade would have made the difference for the club from Merseyside.

Klopp said, “Now, when we fix that, I can’t say in the first moment to the boys, ‘that’s not enough offensively’. That would be crazy. We still have to develop, that’s what we do. Bringing one player in would change everything? That is bulls*** and you know that.”

“Oxlade-Chamberlain would have changed that game? I love this boy to bits, but would he have changed this game? I don’t know,” said Klopp.

“Same time next year we will all talk Naby and Fabinho like we talked last year about Oxlade. In the beginning, it was not there and we always asked, ‘What about Oxlade-Chamberlain?'”


Reflecting on the PSG game, Klopp said that even after being one of the best sides of Europe, they struggled to do well against his side and that it was the individual abilities of some players that turned out to be the difference between the two sides.

“PSG are one of the best teams in the world. They didn’t look like it because we caused them a lot of problems. The two goals they scored were good play from individual quality and pressure. After that, they had counter attacks and defended better than they have in all games for the last five or six years. And with more passion. They were high-fiving after winning a challenge against Mo (Salah).”

“Really, with all the things I saw in this country football-wise, if people cannot enjoy our football then I can’t help them. I get constantly confronted with the question – something is missing. Of course, it could be better but it is not because of one player. We are creative. Creating is not a problem. In the end, in the games, we won we were always the better side. That’s pretty rare. Not one lucky game.”

Liverpool currently sit at the second position in the Premier League, just behind Manchester City with two points.