In just over three weeks India has set records for overall attendance beating Indian Cricket and Chinese football.

28th October 2017 marks the closing day of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India with much fanfare. This edition of the biannual tournament has been special, maybe not for the Indian team but surely for the Indian crowd. The tournament was well received by the spectators as the total attendance of the tournament (13,47,133) has broken the benchmark that was set by the Cricket World Cup 2011 itself, adding to it, Indians have also dethroned China for the same record that was set up in the maiden edition in 1985 in this category of the World Cup.

One of the ironies regarding the crowd is that the response has been miles ahead of the Cricket World Cup 2011, which even India went on to win in the final. The total attendance was 12,29,826, which was miles behind the current tally of this tournament whereas China had a figure of 12,30,976, which is a history now. The average attendance in 2011 World Cup was 25,098 bodies but the World Cups stats, 25,906 people per match is a predicament of the fact that football is well received by the crowd.

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The tournament had six venues, each telling a different story about flow of the heads in the stadium. People of the national capital were fortunate enough to host the national team and they did not disappoint. In four matchdays, there was an attendance of 2,66,433 with an average of 666,09. While on the western and southern side of the country, Goa and Kochi could not hold many people in the stadiums as they only had an attendance of a cumulative 2,07,266 people hoarding in the stadiums.

Mumbai and Guwahati showed different colours towards the event, while Mumbai had an attendance of 2,56,709 people, Guwahati could only manage 92,149 spectators, the least count. Above all, Kolkata stole the show. The hub of Indian Football had to host 7 match days, i.e. around 12 matches that fetched 6,08,799 football fanatics to the ground, finally making this edition a record-breaking event.