The India coach insists his team must focus on making the most of their strengths.

After an opening day heartbreak against the United States of America, Indian Colts are set to start against South American powerhouse Colombia tomorrow in Delhi. With the previous experience of playing against the Latin Americans a couple of months before in Mexico, the Indian gaffer described the game to be tough for the Indians.

“I would like to win,” said Luis Norton De Matos to the reporters. “As a coach, I would not like to lose.” Matos also made it clear that his side means business against the visitors tomorrow, “The team will fight to the last minute and play with confidence giving Colombia a run for their money.”

The game against the USA saw the Indians struggling in the first half but in a fighting spirit in the second. Keeping in mind the performance of the Indian team in the second half, Matos said, “We are going to fight for a result. I know the mentality of these players and they will be fighting through the end of the ground,” he added.

Matos was vocal while talking about what went wrong against the USA. “The second goal was a mistake, big mistake for us.” However, he also made a serious allegation against the match official in charge on the field, “The first goal was not a mistake of our team. It was a mistake of the referee.”

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“I don’t like giving excuses of the referees but I understand the angle they have can be wrong for him, his vision,” he later elaborated his views.

Keeping India’s defensive vulnerability in mind, the 63-year-old coach was asked what he thinks his side is lacking at the moment. “The gap is big, big for sure,” he said before continuing, “Some of the Colombian players play in the first league in Colombia.”

“Colombia are tough opponents and they possess the necessary elements to hurt us. We have to be on our toes all throughout and have to focus on the task at hand. They (Colombia) will also give us a tough physical fight but we are ready for it.”

“They are very strong, they can score two goals,” the Indian gaffer went on with his take on the Colombian U-17 team. “I expect Colombia to be very, very strong,” he later added.

“We will play to win. There is no other alternative for us. Every match we play is to win and if we win against Colombia we will be creating history,” Matos stressed.

India conceded a goal from a corner against the USA on Friday. Pointing out to the outcome, Matos made it clear that he already knows how Colombia operate and score. “They don’t score goals in normal ways. They score through corners,” he said.

In spite of praising the Colombian side, Matos also raved on about his own side saying, “We are very organized and I think we can keep this concentration.” “We must lead with our strongest points and our strongest points in this moment is our wingers,” he concluded.

India will face Colombia tomorrow at 8 pm at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.