The terrorist group is back with new ways to scare us and this time, they have targeted the two best players in the world.

ISIS have already made plenty of putrid threats as they continue to lose ground in Syria and Iraq and now the terrorist outfit has turned its sinister attentions to this summer’s FIFA World Cup.

According to The Sun, the barbarous terror group is repeating calls for “lone attackers” to strike ahead of the tournament in Russia next month.

“Your blood will fill the ground” – read the threat which showed the images of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona ace Lionel Messi pinned to the ground, as their heads were being held by masked jihadis in a packed football stadium.

The latest threat was revealed by cyber intelligence firm Sixgill, which monitors ISIS chatter, according to the Mirror.

It also displayed a knife slashing the World Cup logo with a French caption translated as “Kill them all”. Last time around, the radical group warned Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that he would “pay the price for killing Muslims” in a poster that showed a jihadist militant holding an AK-47 inside a packed football arena.

The threat was thought to be linked to Russia’s military support for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in his fight against ISIS.

In March this year, ISIS targeted Messi for the first time in posters showing him kneeling next to a jihadist and banged up behind bars.

Russian security services are now on high alert for an ISIS-inspired attack on the tournament. Last month, it was revealed that 11 jihadists were killed as Moscow tries to stamp out extremist threats ahead of the month-long extravaganza.

The FSB security service has indicated that terrorism is the main threat to the World Cup. “Guns, bullets, knives and grenades were discovered at the scene,” said a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crimes.