Follow the live action from the FIFA World Cup 2022 World Cup draw here: (Refresh the page if any issue arises).

Hello and welcome to Khel Now’s live coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 draw. I’m your host Ujyant Ramesh, and I’ll be keeping you company through one of the most exciting and crucial factors of the tournament — that could play a severe role in its outcome.

So far, 29 out of 32 teams have sealed their spots in the competition. The remaining three though will be finalized by June. For today, therefore, it’s all about that one important question: Who plays whom when it all commences in November.

For this process, it’s yet again the pot system wherein each team has been assigned one of four pots based on their world rankings. The first pot comprises Qatar (host) and the top seven ranked countries. The second pot is from rank eight to 15, the third from 16 to 23 and the fourth; qualified positions from 24 to 28 along with the three other slots — that will be occupied by the remaining UEFA playoff winner and two winners of the intercontinental playoffs.

Here’s the complete list of the countries in each pot:

Qatar, Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal | Pot 1

United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Uruguay | Pot 2

Serbia, Poland, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, Japan, South Korea | Pot 3

Canada, Ghana, Cameroon, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia (remaining three to be added to this pot) | Pot 4

What does the process look like?

As mentioned, in each pot, there are eight balls bearing country names for each qualified team as well as three placeholders. Then, there are also eight pots representing the groups and are labelled A to H. In each group pot, there are four balls number one to four representing the position in each group. A ball is drawn from the team pot and then from one of the group pots to determine the team’s position in that group.

So stay tuned for updates on all the action that is to take place from Doha at 9:30 PM today.

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