There have been unfortunate incidents where players have fallen while playing the game.

Football is a physically demanding game and sometimes the pressures get better of the players. Even though the players are in peak physical condition, there are some ailments that can still affect them when they least expect. There have been multiple occasions when footballers collapsed on the pitch.

Christian Eriksen collapsed while representing Denmark at the UEFA Euro 2020 game against Finland on 12 June 2021. The game was immediately halted as it clearly affected the players on both sides and the fans alike. The Danish midfielder received immediate medical attention but the unexpected nature of his collapse shocked the football world.

Football has seen many incidents of such types when footballers collapsed on the pitch due to adverse medical conditions. This incident reminds us of the trauma these events can cause on the mindset of players and the football community at large. Here are the five footballers, who collapsed on the pitch mid-way through a game.

5. Piermario Morosini

Piermario Morosini collapsed during a Serie B game while playing for Livorno against Pescara. The 25-year-old was on loan from Serie A side Udinese and had a promising career in front of him. He collapsed on the pitch, after attempting to pick himself up a number of times, during the 31st minute of the match. The medical officials quickly attended to the player. He was taken to a hospital where doctors were unsuccessful in reviving him.

Doctors later confirmed that Morosini did not have a heartbeat when he was brought in. An autopsy revealed the cause of the collapse was a cardiac arrest. This incident sent shockwaves around the globe and especially in Italy, where all matches were cancelled. 

4. Fabrice Muamba

Fabrica Muamba collapsed during the Tottenham Hotspur Vs Bolton Wanderers FA Cup match

Only a month prior to Piermario Morosini’s incident, Fabrice Muamba also went through a similar health emergency. In March 2012, the Bolton Wanderers player collapsed during an FA Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. The 23-year-old fell on the ground minutes before half-time

Muamba was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and the game was abandoned. Reports later suggested that his heart stopped beating for 78 minutes before functioning again. The player regained consciousness after a couple of days thanks to the incredible medical assistance and lived to tell the tale.

3. Cheick Tiote

Cheick Tiote was one of the unfortunate figures who could not survive the adverse effects of a cardiac arrest. In June 2017, Tiote collapsed during a training session with his new club Beijing Enterprises. The former Newcastle United player had moved to China recently and was some days short of his 31st birthday.

The midfielder sadly passed away after being taken to a hospital for treatment. Tiote scored only one goal for Newcastle United, that came during an iconic 4-4 draw against Arsenal. Coming back from 4-0 down was a massive achievement and the importance of that goal has become an unforgettable moment in the club’s history.

2. Abdelhak Nouri

Abdelhak Nouri collapsed during a friendly game for Ajax against Werder Bremen. The young midfielder was one of the brightest upcoming talents from the Dutch outfit before suffering a cardiac arrest on the field. Nouri received immediate medical attention and a helicopter airlifted the player to a nearby hospital.

Two years and nine months after the incident and having suffered permanent brain damage, Nouri came out of a coma. In March 2020, the player came to his senses and can now sit in a wheelchair, but still needs human assistance. He is now back home with his family, but the road to recovery will be long.

1. Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during the Denmark Vs Finland match

The Denmark midfielder collapsed during a UEFA Euro 2020 game against Finland in the 43rd minute. Reports suggested that Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest. The medical team quickly rushed to the player and gave him CPR, while his teammates formed a circle around him.

The extent of his condition, the causes that led to it and more will be revealed in due time. However, the doctors were able to assist Eriksen in regaining consciousness before an ambulance took him to a nearby hospital. Further reports have confirm that he is recovering and responding well to the initial treatment by medical professionals.

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