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ISSK received substantial investment of 50 billion INR, reveals Kerala Sports Minister V. Abdurahiman

Published at :April 1, 2024 at 10:44 PM
Modified at :April 1, 2024 at 10:44 PM
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(Courtesy : Kerala Kaumudi)

Alen Philip Mathew

Abdurahiman assured to build FIFA standard stadiums with the company’s investment.

Investment in sports development is not merely an expenditure; it’s an investment in the health, well-being, and future of a nation. Recently, Minister V. Abdurahiman shed light on the significant investments pouring into Kerala’s sports infrastructure through the Indian Sports School Kerala (ISSK) on KhelNow TV.

The interview highlighted the transformative potential of these investments, particularly in football development and mega projects across the state.

A Game-Changing Investment

“The ISSK received a substantial investment of 50 billion Indian Rupees,” Minister Abdurahiman revealed, emphasizing the magnitude of the financial backing. This investment, he explained, holds the promise of significant impacts if implemented effectively.

With Kerala’s unique approach, including initiatives like the ISSK and Investment Meet, the state is fostering sports development at all levels, setting a model for comprehensive sports development nationwide.

Corporate Contributions to Sports Infrastructure

“Companies investing in sports infrastructure and equipment contribute to the sector’s growth,” Minister Abdurahiman stated, underlining the crucial role of corporate entities in advancing sports initiatives. Notably, several companies, including one from Dubai, have expressed interest, committing substantial investments totaling 800 crores.

Such contributions underscore a paradigm shift in sports development, where private investments play a pivotal role alongside government support.

Budgetary Concerns and Solutions

Addressing concerns regarding budget constraints for projects like the construction of eight stadiums and four academies under ISSK, Minister Abdurahiman reassured the public. “There’s no need to worry,” he affirmed, citing the clear vision of the investing company, which is willing to cover expenses.

This investment, he elaborated, aims to build FIFA standard stadiums cost-effectively, with allocated funds of 800 crores.

“Unlike foreign countries where stadium construction is expensive, we can build good stadiums with the allocated 800 crores,” Minister Abdurahiman emphasized. He further highlighted the cost-effectiveness of new techniques in stadium construction, reflecting a changing trend in sports development.

With options for stadium renovation, he assured that 100 crores is more than sufficient to meet the state’s needs, even amidst past economic struggles.

Government’s Commitment to Infrastructure

In addition to private investments, the state government plans to build two new stadiums with a budget of approximately 60 crores. While acknowledging that Kerala may not match foreign countries in stadium size, Minister Abdurahiman emphasized the government’s commitment to providing similar facilities. The aim is to construct stadiums and to create world-class sporting infrastructure accessible to all.

With substantial financial backing from both private entities and the government, coupled with innovative approaches to infrastructure development, Kerala is poised to emerge as a hub for sports excellence. The ISSK investments signal a new era in the state’s sports landscape, setting the stage for comprehensive development across various disciplines and inspiring other states to follow suit.

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