The Gaurs have returned to the top of the table following the win.

Mumbai City FC were humbled by a margin of 5-2 against FC Goa, who continued their inimitable streak of outstanding performances against Jorge Costa’s team.

The Islanders weren’t as insignificant in the game as the scoreline suggests and infact, there was a point in the second half when they looked set to overturn the two-goal advantage that the Gaurs had taken with them at the half-time whistle.

However, the final two goals plundered by Goa could be said to be one-off situations, where they managed to break away and find a way to further impose dominance upon Mumbai. It was not a sustained period of excellence in the latter part of the game, but the sheer brilliance of Ferran Corominas that sealed this majestic win for the home side.

Here are the player ratings from FC Goa Vs Mumbai City FC:

FC Goa

Mohammad Nawaz- 8.0

Nawaz made some spectacular saves, as Mumbai’s players kept trying to pile up the pressure with the notable number of shots they took from around the 18-yard box.

The custodian’s incredible reflexes were on display, as he jumped around and across like a spring to deny the Islanders any sniff of making a comeback into the game.

Seriton Fernandes- 6.0

Seriton engaged in a duel with Bipin Singh and the latter kept dragging Fernandes inwards on numerous occasions with his edgy runs. Maybe that’s what forced the lad to commit five tackles and not make any sizable contributions on the offensive front too.

Mandar Rao Desai- 5.5

Mandar Rao Desai was put through a stern test as Diego Carlos, who often plays on the left flank was shunted to the right in this match and the Brazilian did seem to take Desai for a spin on quite a few instances.

The left-back had minimal defensive output and failed to deliver any move of significance in the other half of the pitch either.

Lenny Rodrigues- 7.5

Lenny put forward a steely, solid display, as he acted as a shield in front of the backline by diverting away potential attacking moves with his timely tackles, registering nine of them. He played safe passes to gradually move the ball forward and had an accuracy of 92% in doing the same.

Jackichand Singh- 6.0

Jackichand had an ambiguous game, where he fluffed certain goal-scoring chances by a lack of composure on the ball.

However, the goal he scored in the first half showed a calm approach, as his kick was in anticipation of Mohammed Rafique mistakenly heading the ball into the net and that’s what eventually happened.

Brandon Fernandes- 5.5

Brandon didn’t have much of an involvement in the five goals that Goa scored, though the work-rate he put in was commendable. This was especially so on the defensive front, where he made four tackles and blocked the ball on a couple of occasions.


Semienlen Doungel- 4.5

Seiminlen Doungel had very little influence on the game, barring when he tracked back to tackle the opponent on a few instances to stop the flow of offensive moves.

Savior Gama- N/A

Wasn’t on the pitch long enough to make an impact.

Mumbai City FC

Amrinder Singh- 4.5

The captain delivered an underwhelming performance, as he let in five goals. But, it could also be argued that he did not have much of an opportunity to save any of the chances that Goa eventually converted.

Mohammed Rafique- 4.0

Mohammed Rafique should originally have been Mumbai’s third-choice player at right-back, but circumstances have been such that the 27-year-old has been slotted into this role on a regular basis.

His deficiencies whilst carrying out this task were bound to emerge at some point and it happened on Wednesday, when he played a significant part by nudging in one of Goa’s goals into his own net and failing to present anything noteworthy from an attacking aspect.

Pratik Chaudhari- 4.5

Pratik made a few crucial blocks, but he was unable to properly track Corominas’ run for the integral fourth goal of Goa, which sort of nailed the victory for the table-toppers.

Subhasish Bose- 6.0

Subhasish Bose seems to have recovered well from the dip in form that was visible in his outings in the last two matches and his deliveries into the box or the left-footed curlers that he swayed in for his forwards were very important from Mumbai’s perspective.

He tackled successfully, blocked and intercepted the ball thrice each and overall put forward a decent enough show to earn some applause in an otherwise disappointing night for Mumbai’s backline.

Rowllin Borges- 8.0

Rowllin Borges was involved everywhere for Mumbai and this over-dependence might come back to bite the team, as the towering midfielder can have his off moments in the game too.

A clean strike helped him notch the first goal. Then, some deft footwork and a level-headed passing sense aided him to bag the assist for the second goal that Mumbai scored. His crossfield passes were equally staggering and addeed a wonderful dimension to Mumbai’s midfield and their entire approach of play.

Bidyananda Singh- 6.5

Bidyananda seemed to be full of intent to replicate his heroic winning goal against Jamshedpur FC from the last game, as he was quick to charge upon the loose deliveries that were prevalent near the box on quite a lot of occasions.

Bipin Singh- 6.5

Bipin was handed his first start after a considerable span of time and made good enough use of that by working his socks off on the left flank. He even had a goal to show for his endeavours eventually. He put in two crosses, three tackles and intercepted twice to lock in an all-round impressive performance in this game.


Raynier Fernandes- 4.0

Raynier was introduced to infuse a creative spark, as Mumbai looked to level the score at the point of his arrival. However, it was his misplaced pass that led to Corominas’ second goal that sealed the deal for the Gaurs.

Pranjal Bhumij- 4.0

Pranjal was used as probably the final roll of Costa’s dice, but he spent way too little time on the field to come up with anything constructive or miraculous, with the exception of a few tackles here and there.

Surchandra Singh- N/A

Didn’t have enough time on the pitch to make an impact.