The Mariners’ President made the extradordinary claim at the outfit’s chaotic AGM meet.

The Mohun Bagan Annual General Meeting disintegrated into utter chaos thanks to mass protests from supporters and violence plaguing what was supposed to be an otherwise civilized event. It seems like the heated situation within the club and the “battle” between General Secretary Anjan Mitra and former President Tutu Bose has reached its boiling point.

This resulted in some shocking scenes including the fans and members of the club launching furious protests against Mitra. The person visibly taking Mitra’s side was Finance Secretary Debashish Dutta, who in turn earned the wrath of the fans.

Things got physical when two groups of people shocking started a fist fight in the middle of the stage in full view of the assembled press. Even after being cooled down, another fist fight started minutes later in which some officials also came close to getting hurt. It was quite apparent that these physical violence took place between the groups of supporters of Mitra and Tutu Bose.

After things finally abated, the distraught Mitra took the stand. He said, “I don’t know what has happened today, but the club has been divided. I and Tutu are taking an absence from the club for now. What happened today hasn’t ever happened in our club’s history. It’s extremely humiliating.”

He looked to be in tears and looked in an awful shape because of the protests. The offocial even asked whether he should go and fans wanted him to out of the club.

Later, Dutta invited the ire of the fans fans when he said that supporters were acting like hooligans and not allowing the meeting to happen. He also claimed that Anjan Mitra was the “umbrella” over our club.

Tutu Bose said those who didn’t want the meeting to happen were thinking about the death of the club. Mitra then asserted that he and Tutu would conduct the meeting. But seconds later, he announced that the meeting would be canceled.

However, Bose overruled him by saying that the meeting shouldn’t be canceled because of so many supporters being present. However, Mitra insisted that it was due to so many supporters that the meeting can’t takes place.

Soon, Mohun Bagan legend Prasun Banerjee and Dutta got into a heated quarrel. Banerjee insisted that Bose be made the President and was acting as his biggest advocate for it. Bose then indicated that it was Debashish who was the one to push him out of the club initially.


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After more protests, Mitra took the mic and stated, “The question which is arising right now is whether Tulu is President or not. He gave a resignation a year ago and then withdrew it. At first, we didn’t accept it, but when he withdrew it, we didn’t place it in the Election Committee.” 

“But a meeting is needed today for the history of the club. Therefore, I’m announcing him as the President of Mohun Bagan,” much to the joy of the present members.

Bose said that the elections will happen for sure, but wanted them to happen properly. The proceedings were then halted for more than half an hour due to people not clearing the air and refusing to get down from the ceremonial stage.

The club members were disgruntled by then and stated that the meeting should start between Mitra and Bose with two of their closest people. They also lashed out at the General Secretary for failing to start the meeting and acting weak to delay it. The heated scenario was finally cooled down after Tutu Bose was announced as the President of the meeting. 

Some of the technical agenda of the meeting were announced afterward, which included issues such as the financial situation of the club, brand, and logo of the club. It was also announced that that the yearly and monthly subscription of the members’ fee will be increased. It is mostly to make up for the overwhelming expenditure of the club.

Bose later said that the members could take a look at the account statement of the club and file a complaint through a letter if they wanted to. He also pleaded with the fans to be more involved in the club’s proceedings.

It was then revealed that the club would eventually be turned into a Public Limited Company from a private one. Mitra expressed the belief that the change could take the Mariners to a whole new level.

Tutu Bose then proceded to make a shocking revelation. He clained that Mohun Bagan have been offered the opportunity to play in the ISL next season and an extra slot has been made available for a Kolkata club. 

However, in order for them to compete, they would have to sign a 10-year agreement and pay 40 crore a year for their participation. He also added that if East Bengal were to play the ISL, then the Mariners should also try their best to compete in it.