Friday night saw Kerala Blasters come from behind to draw against Jamshedpur FC.

The Indian Super League (ISL) saw another feisty clash as Kerala Blasters came back to force Jamshedpur FC to share spoils on Friday night. The visitors were leading by two goals, when Raphael Messi Bouli scored a brace to provide Kerala Blasters with a valuable point.

Speaking about the match in the mixed zone, Raphael Messi Bouli expressed his disappointment about how his side wanted to win the game, which ended in a draw. The Cameroonian also spoke on injuries sustained by the side.

“Today, was a difficult game against a good team. We got only one point. We wanted to win, but that is part of football,” the 27-year-old said.

Raphael Messi Bouli

“Injuries are part of the game. Today, Mario (Arques) came back and I hope next week we will have a fully fit team and we can go all out in the next game,” Raphael Messi Bouli added.

The Cameroonian forward has been in great form of late and speaking about his personal accolades, Raphael Messi Bouli highlighted the importance of teamwork.

“Yes, I am very happy, but it is also teamwork. We work very hard in training and it is mostly because of my teammates. So, its not only about me, it is about the team,” he said.

The Kerala Blasters forward sounded optimistic about his team’s chances of getting into the playoffs, as he feels that one win will change the complexion of the whole side.

“Yes, I think we will play the playoffs. We still have time and have many games now. So, it is about desire and hard work. We keep believing. we have a lot of upcoming games and one win will change a lot of things.”

Mario Arques

The Spanish midfielder returned from injury for Kerala Blasters after being sidelined for a long period. Speaking about his injury, Mario Arques admitted how everybody related to the club made him comfortable. “It was very hard to stay here and to be fit. But, everybody made it easier for me to start today,” he said.

Upon returning to action, Mario Arques faced his former side Jamshedpur FC on Friday night. When questioned about the pressure of facing the Men of Steel, the 27-year old opened up about his relationship with some of the people at Jamshedpur FC.

“No! there was no pressure on the field. But, it is just that I have a lot of friends there. I know the pitch is not a place for friendship, so I enjoyed playing against them,” the 27-year-old quipped.

The Spaniard also agreed that he is still in his early days with Kerala Blasters and will have to develop a better understanding with his fellow midfielders. But, he also assured that there is enough understanding on the field for the time being.

“Yes, true we have to know each other more. But, they are very good players. We understand each other in the field with the ball.”

The former Jamshedpur FC man spoke of how it was difficult for his side to come back from two goals down and what it meant to them in the end.

“Yes, for us it was very difficult to come back from two goals down. For us, it was important because we wanted to show that the team can fight until the end,” Mario Arques concluded.

Subrata Paul

Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper, Subrata Paul had a busy outing against Kerala Blasters on Friday night in Kochi. Speaking about the draw, especially with his team leading for most of the game, it was a little disappointing for the veteran keeper. However, Paul revealed that he wants everyone to look at the positives from this game and feels a point away from home in Kerala it good.

“It is a bit disappointing, but it is part of the game. One point away from home, not bad. We take at least something from here,” Subrata Paul opined.

“In the league, one point is at least better than nothing. So, whatever happened, we will accept we got one point away from home in Kerala. It will help us in future matches,” he added.

Paul faced 10 shots on target and came up with eight saves against Kerala Blasters. Questioned about his performance, the 33-year old admitted that he wasn’t happy with his display, but showered praise on his team.

“Personally, I am not happy, as I conceded two goals. But, overall, our team played well. We gave everything on the pitch. Partly unlucky, but the players work like anything. I appreciate their effort and have to be happy with whatever happened and now prepare for the next game,” he concluded.