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Ratings: India's winning run ends with a defeat to Bangladesh

Published at :September 14, 2022 at 3:06 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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(Courtesy : AIFF Media)

Souvari Paul

This is the first time India lost a SAFF Women's Championship fixture by a margin of more than one goal.

It was a disappointing outing for Suren Chettri's team as its winning streak was brought to an end by a spirited Bangladesh side. Bangladesh dominated the entire game and invaded the Indian defence multiple times. They scored thrice. India was outplayed all over the pitch by their neighbours, be it attack or midfield. With this win, Bangladesh hop on to the top of the table and proceed to the semi-finals in style. As a result of this defeat, India will face Nepal in the second semi-final of the SAFF Women's Championship 2022.

Here are the player ratings of the Indian side for today's match.

Aditi Chauhan - 4.5

As is evident from the scoreline, it was a bad day for the Indian goalie. She conceded 3 goals, all of which could have been saved. She was even relieved of a fourth goal by the flag of the line's man.

Juli Kishan - 4.5

Juli Kishan's first match of the tournament did not go well as she was subbed off in the 37th minute. Till then, Bangladesh persistently kept attacking the Indian defence from their left side and had already scored twice.

Manisha Panna - 4

Manisha's performance today was very ordinary. She was unable to prevent Bangladesh's attackers from scoring. She was also unable to marshal the defence well.

Ashalata Devi - 4

Being the captain of the side, a lot is expected from Ashalata Devi. However, today, she performed very poorly as the opposition was able to carve open the Indian defence quite easily. She was not able to lead the side after conceding, making the defence look shaky throughout.

Ranjana Chanu - 6

The only bright spot of today's Indian defence was Ranjana Chanu. She kept the right side of Bangladesh's attack under check and did not allow much space to their attackers. Unfortunately, she did not get much support from the rest of the team.

Anju Tamang - 4.5

With Anju Tamang's recent form, a lot more was expected from her. She was completely stifled today and failed to create any space for herself. Also, she wasn't able to create any meaningful chance for the side.

Priyangka Devi - 5

Priyangka Devi played very ordinarily today. Her gameplay did not threaten the Bangladeshi defence in a manner that fans are accustomed to seeing.

Ratanbala Devi - 4

Ratanbala Devi wasn't at her best with the opponents stifling the midfield. She did not get much space to make runs or provide through-balls to strikers.

Dangmei Grace - 4.5

Due to a lack of supply from the midfield, it was an off-day for all the strikers. Grace was no exception and performed quite poorly when compared to her other matches.

Renu - 4

Renu was not seen much today. In her case, similar to Dangmei, the lack of supply from the midfield curbed her potential.

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Sandhiya Ranganathan - 6

The only striker who made some impact today was Sandhiya. She kept pressing the Bangladeshi defence from the left, but often was alone to do so.


Michel Castanha - 6

Michel provided some stability to India's defensive third after coming on as a substitute in the 37th minute. She ensured that Bangladeshi strikers did not get a free pass to wreak havoc on the right side of the Indian defence.

Soumya Guguloth - 7

Soumya played the best football among all the members of the team. She came on as a sub in the 56th minute and constantly kept on running towards Bangladesh's defence. Her performance lifted the spirit of the entire team. Consequently, the team found some momentum in patches after her arrival.

Kiran Pisda - 6

Kiran also played relatively better than the starters. She and Soumya created problems for the Bangladeshi defence from the left side. However, no Indian was able to score today.

Apurna Narzary - 4

There were not much opportunities for Apurna to change the game's fortune after coming on in the 85th minute. She may have to wait for some other day to express her worth.

Sweety Devi - 4

The case is the same with Sweety Devi as well, who came on in the 85th minute. In her case, seven minutes were not enough to change the course of the game.