These are all based upon the action happening in real life on the pitch.

Over the years, fans have found themselves engrossed in several football games. Not just FIFA, but many fantasy football games as well. But first let’s talk about the concept of a fantasy football game. The whole idea is to let fans create their own teams for their favorite league/competition on a fixed budget. The points are allotted to users on the basis of the player’s performance and contribution in the match. Let’s talk about the top 5 fantasy football games.

5. Sky Sports/ESPN Fantasy Football

Sky Sports is a British sports channel famously known for covering football and various other sports. They came up with their own fantasy football game with one golden attraction for users – Money. Sky Sports announced that £50k will be given to a lucky user who will play throughout the campaign.

The user will get a 100 million budget to spend on players. There is no limit on players from the same club; however, only 40 transfers are allowed. A user can make a maximum of 5 transfers per gameweek. Many formations such as 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and others are available to use. A user can make any player of his/her choice as Captain Fantastic. That specific player will score double or negative points on the basis of their performance.

ESPN Fantasy Football Game

This fantasy game is similar to others but covers several sports. ESPN Fantasy Sports is amongst the leading games out there in the market. When it comes to football, it covers six-seven Leagues. ESPN covers La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, UCL, Serie A and MLS among others.

The game provides a premium subscription for users where they can get zero ads and watch live games as well. 

ESPN’S format of fantasy football is a bit different. A user can make an 8-player team and can join any league before or during the season. The point allotment is not only done on goals/assists but also on shots on goal, chances created and various other stats. 

4. Bundesliga Fantasy Manager

Bundesliga Fantasy Manager gives the user a budget of 150 million to sign 15 players (Courtesy: Bundesliga)

The Bundesliga is the top-flight football league in Germany. It is one of the oldest football leagues that exist and boasts of a huge number of fans. 

Bundesliga Fantasy Manager gives the user a budget of 150 million to sign 15 players. The players’ performances determine the points allotted. The game sounds very similar to other fantasy games but the reward system makes it exciting. The Bundesliga gives regular awards such as club jerseys to users who top the league on each match day. The main reward, however, is just too good. The player who tops the league at the end of the season gets two tickets for any Bundesliga match. This includes travel and two nights’ accommodation, making it easier for players worldwide.

3. La Liga Fantasy Manager

Considered one of the best leagues in the world, La Liga inarguably has lost its sheen since Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. The La Liga Fantasy manager’s concept is quite simple. Each player has a budget of 100 million to sign 14 players from any team. They can either compete in a private or a public league. The point allotment is in accordance with La Liga’s official statistics system. 

However there are two modes in the fantasy manager. The first mode is the traditional fantasy manager mode. This provides the user an option to join a league or create their own. It also has a third option where the user can get his/her sponsor along with an allotted team. The second mode is the league manager mode where all users compete in a single league. A user will get to make a team of players from a specific match/fixture.

2. UEFA Gaming: Fantasy Football

The UEFA Champions League is arguably the holy grail in the club football system. The UCL consists of the best teams from the best leagues in the world. This makes it more exciting as users can choose their favorite players from other leagues as well. 

Just like any fantasy game, a user has a budget of 100 million to sign 15 players. The app’s database provides a list of recommended players on the basis of their form. The database also shows the most picked captain, most picked player and most transferred in the last 24 hours. The game has numerous rewards as well. The Global top scorer on one matchday will get one official shirt from a specific team in the UCL. The second top scorer gets a UEFA Official match ball. The grand prizes are two tickets for the UEFA Champions League finals and a PlayStation 5 Console as well.

1. FPL (Fantasy Premier League)

The Premier League is the best league in the world. The competition of the league is just enthralling which sets it apart from the others.

FPL gives the users a budget of 100 million to sign 15 players. A user can make unlimited transfers before the deadline of the first gameweek. After the first gameweek, only one transfer can be made each gameweek. If a player wishes to make more transfers then points are deducted from his/her tally of that specific gameweek. A user can make a captain and a vice-captain of their choice. There’s also an option of triple captain which triples the points of the captain. Players use this mainly during a double gameweek where many teams have two fixtures in one gameweek. There’s also an option of Free-Hit which lets the player make unlimited transfers for one gameweek. After the gameweek ends, the player gets back their original team.

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