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Madrid made a strong comeback in the second half. Real started targeting Juve in the middle, which resulted in covering Isco more than the first half and two back to back goals by Ronaldo and Casemiro. Max Allegri brought on Cuadrado to introduce more attacking options but made a blunder of substitutiong Barzagli out which led to defensive vulnerability and the fact Cuadrado was also sent out later, things escalated in favour of Real Madrid quickly, who scored one more goal in the dying minutes of the match, making the score 1-4 to their favour. Logging out, this is your host Sourav Neogi. Good night, see you later.

90’+4′ And Real has done it! Real Madrid are the Kings of Europe! 

90′ 4 additional minutes have been added to the second half by the assistant referee.

90′ GOOOOAAAAL! Asensio scores with a tap in! 

88′ Substitution: Kroos OUT, Morata IN.

86′ Mandzukic with a cross to Higuain in the Madrid box but the Argentine fails to convert the chance into a goal. Wasted for Juventus.

84′ Yellow card! Cuadrado is shown his second yellow card and is going out of the field. Juve reduced to 10 men now!

83′ Substitution: Isco OUT, Asensio IN.

80′ Cuadrado trying to go on solo runs and create chances but he is marked by Marcelo closely. Things are beginning to be disappointing for Juve.

77′ Substitution: Benzema OFF, Bale IN.

73′ CHANCE FOR MADRID! Benzema finds Marcelo on the left wing who in turn crosses to Ronaldo but the Portuguese star shots the ball wide over the bars to waste the chance to score a hattrick! Wasted yet again!

72′ YELLOW CARD! Cuadrado is shown a yellow card by the referee for a rash challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo.

71′ Substitution: Pjanic OUT, Marchisio IN.

70′ Juventus is in shambles of the team that had started the match while Real Madrid keeps attacking again and again.

66′ Substitution: Barzagli OUT, Cuadrado IN.

64′ Modric sent a cross from the right wing in the Juventus penalty box and Ronaldo sent it past Buffon with only a touch with his foot.

64′ GOOOOAAAAL! It’s Cristiano Ronaldo once again! 

61′ GOOOOAAAAL! CASEMIRO WITH A SCREAMER! Real leads once again!

58′ Chance for Real Madrid! Marcelo sends a diagonal intended for Ronaldo in the Juve box but the Portuguese is unable to receive the ball as it went outside of the pitch. Wasted once again!

56′ Gareth Bale is warming up on the sidelines. Looks like Madrid is going to make a change soon.

54′ Modric with a long ranger from the 25 yards but is easy save for Gigi Buffon under the Juventus bars!

53′ YELLOW CARD! Toni Kroos is shown a yellow card after a rash challenge on Sami Khedira.

51′ Dani Alves is now down with an injury after a stamping challenge on him by Marcelo. However, no yellow card for the Brazilian full-back.

48′ Bonucci is down with an injury and is coming out of the pitch for necessary treatments.

47′ Real Madrid takes their time before launching their first attack in the half. An aerial ball intended for Isco in the Juventus penalty box results in a corner kick for Madrid.

46′ And the second half is underway in Cardiff!

The first half of the UEFA Champions League final saw Juventus starting the game brightly, pressing their opponents Real Madrid in the early minutes of the game. However, after the first quarter of the first half, Real came back with a goal, scored by Cristiano Ronaldo to give them the lead in the first half but the lead could not be maintained for long. Juventus stuck Real Madrid with an equaliser couple of minutes later with a brilliant volley by Mario Mandzukic, who helped Juventus levelling the lead. The Bianconeri displayed an aerial domination while Real was clearly the better side on the ball, which arguably is a result of a rather physical gameplay by the Galacticos. However, the physical gameplay backfired the Spanish giants as two of their main defenders, Sergio Ramos and Dani Carvajal were shown yellow cards by the referee. Don’t go anywhere, the second half commentary is coming up. 

45’+2′ The referee whistles to indicate the end of the first half. Don’t go anywhere, the first half highlights are coming right on here. Stay tuned.

45′ Two minutes of injury time has been added to the first half by the assistant referee.

44′ Carvajal with a lovely cross inside the Juventus penalty box but Ronaldo is unable to head the ball past Buffon as the veteran goalkeeper comes out and receives the ball before the Portuguese could do more harm. 

42′ YELLOW CARD! Dani Carvajal receives a yellow card after bringing Mandzukic down with a rash challenge. 

41′ Alex Sandro with a throw in and the ball finds Mandzukic inside the Madrid box who tries another volley but is unable as Sergio Ramos intercepts and sends the ball back into the game. 

39′ Mandzukic is down after being brought down by Carvajal and being treated on the pitch. Looks like it is his right ankle.

37′ Corner kick for Juventus. Dybala takes the shot and the ball finds Chiellini in the Madrid box who heads the ball outside the box and to the right side of the pitch.

35′ Pjanic is down with an aerial duel with Benzema. Looks like the French striker accidentally hit him in the face with his elbow in order to retrieve the ball.

33′ CHANCE FOR REAL MADRID! Ronaldo receives a cross from the wing but is intercepted by Bonucci and Chiellini who heads the ball outside the box. Wasted once again! 

31′ YELLOW CARD! Sergio Ramos is shown a yellow card by the referee for a rash challenge on Dani Alves.

27′ GOOOOOAAAALLLL! Mandzukic equalises with a volley! Juventus is now level with Real Madrid!

24′ Ronaldo tries to go on another forward run in the left side of the pitch but is brought down by Chiellini who sends the ball back in the game.

20′ Ronaldo received a pass from Carvajal from the right side of the pitch and decided to go for the shot without wasting any time and shot the ball in the bottom left corner of the goal. Buffon dived to save the ball but could not as the ball went in easily.


18′ The possession stats just came out. Madrid is having a dominance on the ball with 61% possession while Juve is limited to only 39% possession of the ball. 

17′ Benzema tries to cross inside the Juve box but the ball is intercepted and sent out of the pitch by Chiellini. Wasted for the Frenchman! 

15′ Madrid is playing with a high line. Carvajal is going out on forward runs but is being monitored by Sandro closely!

12′ YELLOW CARD! Paulo Dybala is being shown a yellow card for a rash tackle on Toni Kroos and disbalancing him on the pitch. 

11′ Ronaldo tries to get an aerial ball inside the Juve penalty box but is intercepted and brought down by Bonucci who saves the day for Bianconeri. Wasted!

8′ Madrid looks a bit out of their rhythm as Juventus keeps bombarding to their half. However, Ramos and company are displaying a fine defensive duty to keep the ball outside the nets for the Galacticos. 

6′ Alves with a diagonal in the Madrid box from the wing but the ball is out of reach for Dybala and finally kept inside the game by Mandzukic on the other side of the pitch. 

4′ Higuain tries to get inside the Madrid penalty box but is intercepted by Varane and Ramos and decides to shoot the ball from outside the box. Easy save for Keylor Navas there.

2′ Juve with an early attack but Madrid did well in breaking up the Italians and went on a forward run themselves! 

1′ Kickoff! The Champions League final is now underway!

12:16 The players are out on the pitch and are lining up side by side while the UEFA Champions League anthem is being played in the stadium. The trophy is also out in the pitch.

12:15 Minutes to go before the final starts. An opening ceremony is being carried out on the pitch. Players are lining up inside the tunnel, waiting for to come out on the pitch.

12:10 Gianluigi Buffon is the third oldest player to feature in a European Cup final (39y 126d) after Zoff and van der Sar.  This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s fifth European Cup final – only Maldini, Gento (8) and Di Stefano (7) have played in more. Brace yourselves folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

12:05 Juventus are the 1st team since Atlético de Madrid in 2013/14 to reach the CL final without losing a single game. Overtime looks like to be quite possible for Sergio Ramos and co tonight!

12:00 This will be the 19th game between Juventus & Real Madrid, the 2nd most played European Cup fixture (Bayern/Real Madrid, 24). Considering this, the fact that Juventus’ starting XI (30y 336d) is the second oldest named in a Champions League final after Milan in 2006/07 (31y 35d) doesn’t look too much ambitious tonight in front of a bloodthirsty Real Madrid in Cardiff!

11:55 Real Madrid have reached the European Cup final for the 15th time, four more than any other club (AC Milan, 11). On the other hands, Juventus have won only 2 of their 8 European Cup finals (25%), the lowest win rate of any team to feature in at least 5 finals. If this game was played by statistics, Cardiff would be a cakewalk for the Spanish champions!

11:50 Real Madrid XI: Navas, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo, Carvajal, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Isco, Ronaldo, Benzema.

Substitutions: Casilla, Nacho, Danillo, Asensio, Kovacic, Bale, Morata.

11:45 Juventus XI: Buffon, Alves, Chiellini, Bonucci, Sandro, Barzagli, Khedira, Pjanic, Higuain, Mandzukic, Dybala.

Substitutions: Neto, Lichtsteiner, Benatia, Lemina, Marchisio, Asamoah, Cuadrado.

11:40 Amidst speculations that Real Madrid will miss Gareth Bale to the final, Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has opted to keep the Welshman in the bench, keeping Isco in the starting squad. Lineups coming soon.

11:35 PM As we begin the build-up to the biggest game of the season let’s start by taking a look at some of the fascinating tactical battles that will determine the outcome of this titanic game. Read our Tactical Analysis here.

11:30 PM: Hello and welcome to the UEFA Champions League 2017 final between Juventus and Real Madrid. This is your host Sourav Neogi.