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Premier League warns clubs about potential 'terror attack' following Moscow incident

Published at :April 1, 2024 at 6:08 PM
Modified at :April 1, 2024 at 6:08 PM
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Rajarshi Shukla

The Premier League action continues in the midweek

In the wake of the horrific attack on a Moscow concert hall that left at least 137 people dead, the Premier League sent letters to its teams alerting them of the possibility of a terror strike.

Clubs were recently made mindful of remarks made by Abu Hudhaifa al-Ansari, the spokesperson for the Islamic state, in which he encouraged “lone wolves” to prey on Jews and Christians in Israel, the US, and Europe during the month of Ramadan.Additionally, individuals based in the city have been advised to exercise caution in light of the stabbing death of an Iranian reporter in the nation’s capital, which is currently being looked into by counterterrorism officials.

A message was issued on Saturday morning, in advance of the Easter fixtures, asking elite clubs to be more watchful and to report any suspicious activities. Additionally, they were instructed to brief staff members so that they are informed of the situation, watchful, and able to respond appropriately.

The Moscow attack, in which armed attackers broke into a music venue and slaughtered scared concertgoers without mercy, was described to the sides as a “recent example of the large complex attacks still taking place in the western world.”

A higher level of awareness was requested over the Easter season “because of the vulnerability of crowds due to larger numbers and ongoing threats from IS.”France raised its threat level in the wake of the Moscow incident, while the UK is keeping a careful eye on the situation.

Pouria Zeraait, a presenter at Iran International in London, was stabbed in the leg outside his Wimbledon home on Friday afternoon. Although the motive behind the attack remained unclear, according to the police, specialised counter-terrorism experts were looking into it because of his occupation and threats made against Iranian journalists based in the UK.

The channel’s spokesman asserted that its broadcasters were being targeted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, a vital security element for the Tehran administration.There is a full schedule of Premier League games from Tuesday through Thursday.

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