FC Barcelona’s first ever mixed-sex tour has garnered criticism from fans of the women’s team since only the men’s team flew in the business class.

After the initial glittery promotional video released by La Liga side FCB showing both men’s team & women’s team boarding the plane together bound for the United States, fans quickly noticed the absence of women in the business class where the men – some of whom were from the “B team” had been seated. 

Women players seen posing with Men’s team in the flight

Apparently, the fans noticed that the women were sitting in the economy class through the photos on the Instagram accounts of the women players. That led to the accusation that men were being given preferential treatment.

A twitter account run by fans suggested that the senior most players from both teams should have been given business class seats if there was a shortage of business class bookings. However, it was the women’s team that came to defend their club.

 Fans duly noticed the absence of Women players 

Alexia Putellas informed the Spanish media that the women’s team were added to the tour at a later stage, and the club had no choice but to organise everything “practically at the last minute”, as reported by news outlet Mundo Deportivo.


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FC Barcelona has been trying hard to push forth its commitment to women’s football, a claim backed by Putellas. She further added, “Barca is a great club and the tours are also great, travelling with the first team and being at the same facility is synonymous with a good level.”

The two teams had trained together in Portland, ahead of their first games of the US tour sharing “space and prominence” according to Barcelona.

Women’s and Men’s squads training together in Portland

Barcelona has ensured enough first class seats are booked for both squads for the remainder of the tour that will see the club travelling to Portland and Los Angeles, as reported by El Mundo.

While the men will play Tottenham in the International Champions Cup, women are up against Socal FC in the Women’s Premier Soccer League. 

A video of their travel to the United States

This historic joint tour by FC Barcelona has gone off to a shaky start and the club will definitely take necessary steps to avoid any further embarrassment by getting involved in any political and/or sexist controversy.