The 18-year-old hit the limelight during the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Jamshedpur FC’s Aniket Jadhav is going through an English-styled training process, in Blackburn Rovers, whom he joined for a short training stint in March. Rovers’ head coach Tony Mowbray expressed his thoughts regarding the youngster, as reported by Goal.

The 55-year-old gaffer said, “The vast majority of his training has been with the academy system. His main training has been with his own age group and the players who we feel would be best for him to show his talent.”

He further quipped, “I don’t see him train every day, I have seen him train twice. He has come up with the first team on a few days when we probably needed some extra players to make the session work. I think he has got good attributes – he is athletic and mobile. I think he likes to get on the ball and play and pass. The days I watched him, he was very enthusiastic.”


It is pretty evident that Indian football is still in its infancy in terms of grassroots development. So about Jadhav, the former Celtic player said, “His habits to play at the top level, the little things that he doesn’t quite do naturally are quite obvious to me. He doesn’t have this peripheral vision, you should be knowing what your (teammates) are doing without really turning around to look. He has to develop these things, these things come from repetition every single day, maybe for years for some people.”

“I played football professionally for 18-20 years. I learned my trade as a 4-10-year-old boy every day with the ball in the garden. I don’t see those natural instincts that top players at his age might have developed from doing what I did – practising without practising,” added the gaffer.

On a positive note, Mowbray stated, “I do see athleticism, speed, quality on the ball. The things are setting aside a little bit from those top footballers are these habits that he has not grown up with. He’s passionate to play and train every day. It’s been a good experience. Aniket has been an absolute delight to work with. He has done everything we have ever asked without hesitation and improved in his short time at BRFC. He has been a credit to himself and his family.”