WWE NXT Results & Winners (August 8, 2023)

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

August 9 2023

Take a look at the results of the August 8, 2023 episode of WWE NXT.

The August 8, 2023 episode of NXT features some of the excitement match cards including two championship defense, and a powerhouse collision between Bron Breakker and Von Wagner. Adding excitement to the show, WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio is here on the opposite corner against his son Dominik for the first time since four months. Know what happened on NXT this week, as we publish the full match summary and the complete set of results here.

Match Summary

Axiom vs Mustafa Ali

Axiom vs Ali kicked off the episode of NXT, where both had a toe to toe contest. At the initial stage of the match, both had an equally competitive strikes and counters. When Axiom was in the control of the match, Strips came to the ring side to distract Axiom.

He then got his group with him, which made Axiom distracted. Axiom somehow managed to have the upper hand with a Jack Hammer and a Canadian Destroyer, however Ali scrolled out. Axiom went for a high flying Moon Sault on Ali outside the ring. But again got distracted by Strips and his crew.

While entering the ring, Ali hit him with a kick to the head, hits a Neck Breaker, and went for a 450 splash but Axiom moved and counters with an Arm bar, Ali counters back with a Sharpshooter.

Towards the end Ali and Axiom were on the top rope, exchanging hands. Ali tried to remove Axiom’s Mask off, and pushed from the top rope to the ground, Ali went for a 450 Splash for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali Ratings: 4/5

Kelani Jordan vs Blair Davenport

After the match kicks in Kelani Jordan was sent out straigh away, Davenport and Kelani had a series of tackes on the ground. Kelani went for the initial roll down, and a backslide for the cover but kicked out. Davenport attacked Kelani and hit her face on the turnbuckle and on the ropes.

Port locked her hands around her neck to slow her down. Kelani soon stood up and hit her with a back elbow to the face and went for a cover but miss. Davenport then threw Kelani over the aprid, she landed on her foot, while she tried to enter the ring, Davenport hit her with a stomp to the back of her neck and with a knee to the face for the win.

Winner: Blair Davenport Ratings: 3/5

NXT Heritage Cup

Naom Dar defended his NXT Heritage Cup on the line against Tyler Bate in a traditional British Heritage Cup rules. As soon as the Round 1 starts, Tyler Bate locked Naom Dar’s neck in between his legs, but Dar escapes and had a arm twist on Bate. Bate countered with an Arm Bar of his own. Both went for a double clothesline and laid down to end the first round.

On Round 2, Dar was sent out straight and Bate performed a top rope dive on Dar, Tyler soon hit a Tyer Drive to pin Naom Dar for the first fall making it (1-0).

Round 3 ended too soon as the commercial ruined almost most of the round. At Round 4, Naom Dar equaled the score with a Knee Bar, where Bate tapped out, making it (1-1).

On the final round, Dar tried to lock an another Knee Bar on Bate, but Bate counters with a roll down for the win. Tyler Bate is your New Heritage Cup Champion, but Dar on the backstage took it from Bate.

Winner: Tyler Bate Ratings: 3/5

Bron Breakker vs Von Wagner

Bron Breakker had the initial strike, however Von countered the following attacks and hit him with a throwdown, Bron scrolled down, where Von tried to clear the Commentary table to throw him out. Bron entered the ring and hit with a running clothesline and went for a cover, but kicked out.

Von then had a strike, but Bron had a fightback and hit him with a shot to the back of the Knee, a Suplex and a standing Moon Sault.

Von then countered Bron’s tackle and both went for a double Clothesline. Von stood up and hit Bron with a couple of big boot, and tried to finish Bron. But Bron escaped and hit him with a Spear for the win.

After the match, Bron took Mr. Stone over his shoulder for a Shoulder Press, but Von saved him and hit a knee to the face. Von then hit a Powerbomb to Bron on the Commentary Table to make his statements true.

Winner: Bron Breakker Ratings: 3/5

Brooks Jenson & Josh Briggs vs Drew Gulak and Charlie Depsey

Gulak and Jenson started the match, where Gulak had the first shot with to Jenson’s chest. Jenson then threw strikes on Gulak, which made Gulak tag Depsey. Depsey locked Jenson’s neck and performed a hip throw. Jenson tags Briggs in. Gulak tagged himself in and got punished by Jenson and Briggs.

Depsey and Gulak had back to back tag and attacked them. While Depsey went for an Arm Bar to Briggs, he countered hit with a powerslam. Jenson came into the ring and powerslammed both Gulak and Depsey.

Kemp made his way t the ring, who had a backstage talk with Jenson and Briggs attacked Jenson when ref. got distracted, by costing their match and making Gulak and Depsey win.

Winner: Drew Gulak and Charlie Depsey Ratings: 2.5/5

Ivy Niles vs Kiana James

Kiana James started the match with a cheap shot, by throwing the bag on Niles and for a kick. James targeted her arm by running her through the ring post and multiple arm locks, Niles countered with a step up insecurity.

After the commercial ends Schism surrounded the ring and tapped the ring aprid to distract Niles. Kiana James took control by targeting the bad arm. However, Nile went for a kick to the jaw and went for a triangle but got distracted by Schism.

Kiana James used the distraction and hit a knee to the face and went for the win. After the match Schism surrounded Ivy Nile, but The Family came to her rescue and made Schism retreat.

Winner: Kiana James Ratings: 2.5/5

NXT North American Championship

Rey Mysterio came to the ring to address the crowd and introduced Dragon Lee as the Future NXT North American Champion. Dominik Mysterio came with Rhea Ripley on his corner. The match began, where Dominik hit a chop to the chest of Dragon Lee for the first shot, Lee sent Dom with a throwdown and Dom scrolled Down. Rhea and Dom had a stare down with Rey, while Lee kicked Dom with a sliding kick.

After the commercial, Dom had the control with a neck lock and a springboard dive. Dom went for Eddie’s “Three Amigo” and for a cover, but Lee kicked out. Dom tried to remove Dragon Lee’s mask, but Lee fired up, he had rapid strikes on Dom and screwed Dom’s leg to sends him out with a clothesline. Dragon Lee then hit a Suicide Dive on Dom. Dom was then throwed in and Lee went over the top rope, but Dom stopped him.

Both stood on the top rope, but Lee made Dom crumble and fall upside down with leg locked between the rops. Lee went for a stomp on Dom’s chest and delivered a Suplex, Dom countered with a superkick, and a 619. While Dom tried to jump through the ropes, Lee caught him and hit him with a Powerbomb.

While both were own, Rhea threw the Championship title into the ring to help Dom. Dom teased of hitting Lee but Rey stopped. This distracted the referee, where Rhea hit Dragon Lee with her championship on the back of the neck to make Dom win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio Ratings: 4.5/5

Results and Winners

Mustafa Ali (W) defeated Axiom.

Blair Davenport (W) defeated Kelani Jordan.

Tyler Bate (W) won the NXT Heritage Cup by defeating Naom Dar.

Bron Breakker (W) defeated Von Wagner.

Drew Gulak & Charlie Depsey (W) defeated Josh Briggs and Brooks Jenson.

Kiana James (W) defeated Ivy Niles.

Dominik Mysterio (W) defeated Dragon Lee and retained his NXT North American Championship.

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