Becky Lynch wants to elevate young stars in WWE NXT run

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
September 29 2023
Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch won the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time and became the sixth WWE Women’s Grand Slam Champion. She successfully defended her championship against Natalya the following week on Raw and was booked to defend the NXT Women’s Championship this Saturday at NXT No Mercy on September 30, 2023. Ahead of the championship defense, Lynch was interviewed by New York Post, where she opened about her goal to elevate the Women’s division and the potential superstars she believes to be elevated.

Becky Lynch on elevating the Women’s division

Becky Lynch in a virtual Zoom interview with New York Post says,

“Currently, we are a little light on women with credibility on Raw. So anyway I can give these women, who are great, credibility, give them a match, give them an outing and showcase them in a championship match, I think that only benefits everybody. It benefits the audience because we have more women that we care about and more women that I can beat.”

“I need people to come up, I need people on this level. But if nobody’s getting any TV time. If nobody’s getting any storytime then they can’t rise up because nobody knows who the hell they are.”

Becky Lynch names potential superstars

To a question on who she believes has the potential to be elevated, to which pointed out “Zoey Stark, Indi Hartwell, Xia Li, and Candice LeRae”.

Becky Lynch on Zoey Stark

Lynch also stated Stark as an “invaluable asset”. She expressed her time with Zoey in the ring,

“Being in the ring with her, she is phenomenal, she is intense, she is athletic, She loves this. She is great. She’s an a–hole, but she’s great and with a bit of time she is going to be a big star and main player.”

Becky Lynch on Xia Li

Becky says,

“I think Xia Li has such a cool character and we haven’t seen any of these things from her. She had a little momentum and then it all stopped. It’s hard to gain momentum if you don’t get any TV time and it’s hard to get TV time if there is nothing to fight for.”

Elevating the Women’s division and championship

Becky had a friendly jab on Rhea, stating that she isn’t giving much opportunities and only wishes to hang around the Judgment Day. She says that’s why she comes to NXT and wrestles in dark matches on ‘SmackDown’ to elevate the women’s division and the championship.

Becky says,

“I’m very grateful for my time, but I want more time, dammit,” she said. “That’s why I will do all of these things. That’s why I’ll go down to NXT. That’s why I’ll be on all the shows. That’s why I’ll be on dark matches on SmackDown as well as being a mother and traveling and writing a book and all the other things I’m doing. It’s because I love this and I’m trying to elevate this, this championship and elevate all the women.”

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