Eric Bischoff believes that Jade Cargill could be ‘The Female Rock’ for WWE

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 27 2023
Jade Cargill WWE

Jade Cargill is one of the most talked about WWE Superstar in recent times, whose WWE debut has been hyped the most which created a huge anticipation among the WWE Fans. The expectation on her debut is a reward for her work in her previous company. As the expectations are set high and the rumors circulating on how her debut could impact the stamford-based company, WWE Veteran, Eric Bischoff said that she believes she is a superstar who could be the female version of The Rock.

Eric Bischoff on Jade Cargill

On the latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks Podcast, the veteran himself spoke about Jade Cargill and how she will be a great addition to the women’s division.

Eric Bischoff said,

“It blew me away. Blew me away. I mean, Jade looks like a superstar. I’m anxious to see. How she progresses in the ring obviously, I mean, she looks otherworldly in terms of just her presence, right? I mean. It’s absolutely beautiful. But a physical specimen. And? I shouldn’t sound like I’m hesitating or cautious about this.”

“I don’t think Triple H or anybody else in WWE would allow her to get into the ring and perform any of the events that you just mentioned unless they were confident that she’s 100% ready because what you have right now is platinum in a bottle. It’s pure platinum. And, when the time is right, I read a little bit about her decision to go to WWE and how it all went down. And I’m sure Tony offered her a significant amount of money. There’s no question about that.”

In my mind, at least. I think this is a woman. Don’t know her. Never had a conversation with her. But this woman is even remotely self-aware of what she brings to the table and where she could go in the future. I don’t think it had anything to do with money. It has everything to do with what a relationship with WWE and Endeavor and Ari Emanuel can do for her five years from now. Three years from now. Whatever. Because she could go.”

“She could be the female Rock. If she has that talent and she develops that talent in the ring and she can bring that charisma that we see that she embodies just walking out. But if she can develop the skill and the confidence to be able to deliver on the mic and in her narrative as well as her physical. Performance. Shoo! Off she goes, a huge star in the wrestling business and well beyond.”

There isn’t any doubt that Cargill is a great deal for the company, however, what she got and how she would bring it to the table is what the most are anticipated about. We need to wait and watch how WWE could fit her in the current storylines and against who? Do you have any predictions? Tell us in the comments.

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