WWE Raw Results & Winners (October 30, 2023): A Preview of Crown Jewel

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 31 2023
WWE Raw Results & Winners (October 30, 2023):

Rollins defeated McDonagh, Chaos ahead of Crown Jewel, The Creed Brothers had a great debut match, Gunther and Miz in the build and much more!

The October 30, 2023 episode of Monday Night Raw is officially over and it is a huge night which showcased a preview of Saturday Night’s Crown Jewel event. Rollins had his first singles match on Raw for over four months, Cody sends a hard message to Priest, new opponent for the IC Championship teased and much more happened on this week’s episode of Raw. Get to know what happened on Raw here, as we came out with the complete summary of the show.

WWE Raw Summary

Sami Zayn is tired of Judgment Day

Rhea Ripley kicked-off Monday Night Raw with Domini Mysterio and JD McDonagh. Rhea said that tonight and Saturday night are important for the Judgment Day. Rhea also assures that Priest and herself will be will be successful at Crown Jewel. Sami Zayn interrupted Judgment Day and said that he is tired of hearing Rhea talking.

Zayn said that he understood that one could do anything with the power and wanted to stand against the negative powers. Zayn claims himself as a Rebellion and thus is ready to face any of the Judgment Day members one, two,…. or five. Ripley said that Sami will face Damien Priest today. When all the three surrounded Zayn, Ricochet came to the ring for the aid of Sami and made them retreat.

Ricochet vs Dominik Mysterio

Ricochet vs Dominik Mysterio started after the commercial, with Dominik having the full control of the initial five minutes of the match, buy not giving a single chance to Ricochet. Ricochet however fights back with a drop kick, standing shooting star press and a suicide dive.

After the commercial, Dom was back in control after JD McDonagh distracted Ricochet during the commercial break. Dom pushed him to the ropes and tries for a 619, but Ricochet escapes. Ricochet laid Dom don and hit a springboard Moonsault. Dominik hit a neck breaker but Ricochet fought back with a drop kick and drags him to the corner for hid finishing move, but Rhea Ripley and JD McDonagh distracted him. Dom used that and went for a rollup pinfall for the win.

After the match Ricochet superkicks McDonagh and Recoiled Dom. He went for the top rope, but Rhea saves Dom.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio Ratings: 3.7/5

Alpha Academy vs The Creed Brothers

Chad Gable and Julius Creed started the match, where both showcase their technical skills. Julius took Gable vertically upside down and tags Brutus in. Brutus showcase his power and Vertical Powerslam. Gable fights back and tags Otis in. Otis and Brutus showcase power, they both tag other half of their tags, where Gable took both down with a flying Clothesline from Otis Shoulder.

After the commercial, Brutus was in control, but Gable tries to control with an Ankle lock. Brutus his a Backdrop and Gable with a suplex and tags Otis in. Otis out-powers both the Creed Brothers, by sending both down with a running shoulder tackle. Otis hit a Catterpillar, but Julius breaks the pinfall. Brutus hit a knee to the jaw and both delivered a standing moonsault but Gable breaks the pinfall.

Gable took Julius out and Otis delivered a body slam. Julius breaks the count with a jump from the top rope, Gable hit a splash on all the three. Gable was sent out after distracted by Maxxine and Ivy Nile. As they drags each others legs and Ivy delivered a suplex on Tozawa. The Creed Brothers hit their new finishing move for the win.

Winners: The Creed Brothers Ratings: 3.7/5

Miz Tv

The Miz addressed the WWE Universe and says that he has the biggest guest today after Bash in Berlin has been announced for nexf year, “The Ring General” Gunther. He calls out him, but Gunther didn’t showed up. Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci walks to the ring claiming Miz stupid and stating that Miz can’t say what Gunther has to do. Vinci spoke for the first time and Miz appreciates him.

Gunther walks out to the ring and tries to shut Gable stating the difference between them as Miz being the host of talk show and Gunther is the Intercontinental champion. Miz claims that Invisible John Cena is more entertaining than Gunther. Miz also claims that he is the greatest star WWE ever produced. He elevated the Intercontinental Championship.

Miz claims that he is the best Intercontinental Champion and chellenges Gunther. Kaised broke the Halloween Pumkin, which made Miz angry and kick start the fight. Miz sent both Kaiser and Vinci out but Gunther hit him with a Chop. Miz tries to fight Gunther but the number games took him down.Miz walks out, as DIY came to the ring for the match with Imperium.

The Miz met Raw GM, Adam Pearce and asks for a Intercontinental Championship. Pearce asked him to earn the spot, Reed approached him and challenges Miz for a match by stating that he need to earn it from him.

DIY vs Imperium

Vinci and Ciampa started the match. DIY had the initial control as they dominated Vinci and Kaiser by team work and combo moves. However a moment before the commercial, Kaiser turned the momentum by attacking Gargano with a running splash outside the ring and Vinci attacked Ciampa.

After the commercial, Kaiser locks Gargano’s neck, but Gargano sends him down. Vinci tags in and Gargano sends hims out. Ciampa and Kaiser tags in, where Ciampa is fired up as he took both members of Imperium down. All the four took the fight inside the ring, as Imperium tries to finish the job, but DIY fights back. Ciampa and Gargano hit the ‘Meeting in the Middle’ for the win.

Winners: Team DIY Ratings: 3.5/5

Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura was on the video package asking for an opponent to step up to him for a fight (in Japanese). He advised his opponent to be brave as a lion to step against him and come for a fight as he is waiting for him.

Candice LeRae vs Xia Lee

Candice LeRae with Indi Hartwell came to the ring and a special video package of Xia Lee was played. Xia Lee makes her in-ring return after a very long time. Candice LeRae starts with a rapid punches and senton. Xia Lee soon took her down with a Spinning Kick, which made her unconscious as referee stops the match, by announcing Xia Lee as the winner.

Winner: Xia Lee Results: 2/5


Sami Zayn and Jey Uso were on the backstage. Jey wishes Sami good luck ahead of his match against Damien Priest. Cathy Kelly interviewed Jey as Sami left. Jey says that Sami will take Priest tonight and Cody will take Priest at Crown Jewel, after that Jey and Cody will take the tag team championships again.

Drew McIntyre

A video package of Drew McIntyre was played ahead of Crown Jewel to set the hype. Where Drew’s previous title reign with nobody physically on the ringside was played. He says that he claims to be the World Champion by defeating Rollins in front of the massive crowd.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins addresses the WWE Universe and says that he will be facing JD McDonagh as a practice match for Saturday. He then talks about The Scottish Warrior and his match at Crown Jewel. Rollins says that he is a fan of Drew. If he wins the championship, Rollins would congratulate him and hand over the title in the first place.

Seth Rollins vs JD McDonagh

While Rollins cut the promo, McDonagh attacked Rollins from behind to kick start the match. Rollins had the upperhand over McDonagh and took control of the first few minutes of the match. McDonagh have a brief control, but Rollins took him down with a over head throw outside the ring.

After the commercial, McDonagh locks Rollins with a waist mock, which Rollins escape and drive McDonagh face first to the turnbuckle and hit a series of chops and knee strike. Rollins puts McDonagh down and went for the top rope, where Damien Priest with the MITB contract came to the ring. Rollins however after distraction, delivered a Pedigree and Curb Stomp for the win and had a face off with Priest and asks him to cash it on him.

Winner: Seth Rollins Ratings: 3.8/5


Becky Lynch was interviewed backstage. She says that she has defended the championship more time than Rhea Ripley and Roman Reigns  sbe doesn’t need tbe title but title needs her. Xia Lee confronted her and challenges her for a fight but when it is her time.

Trick or Street Fight- Chelsea Green vs Natalya

Chelsea and Niven dressed like Hart’s mocking the Hart Foundation. Green straight away took Natalya down and hit the pumpkin platter on the face. Natalya then attacked Green with a Kendo stick. Green tried to take her down and break the table but Natalya moved.

Chelsea tried to wreck Pumpkin on the face of Natalya, but Nikki Cross was under the Pumpkin. Green was scared as she wore Pumpkin on her face. Green took Natalya to the top rope and introduced candy corns. She went for a vertical suplex, but Natalya hit a powerbomb on it. Green accidentally hit the pumpkin on Niven as Natalya sent Niven down, Green hit her finisher ‘Unhappy hours’ for the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green Ratings: 3.9/5

Damien Priest vs Sami Zayn

Priest and Zayn square of as Priest locked Zayn in the corner and delivers a couple of punches on the jaw of Zayn. Zayn counters the third shot and hit him with a series of chops. Priest scrolls out and gained control as he hit Zayn’s mid section and took the fight to the ring and manhandling Zayn with a Superkick and suplex. Zayn somehow gained the momentum to take Priest down. When he tried to suicide dive, Priest caught him and choke-slammed him on the apron.

After the commercial, Sami Zayn hit a powerful clothesline on Priest. Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio came to the ring side tk assist Priest. Priest Zayn tried to pin Priest by roll down but not enough. Priest hit the “Reckoning” and looks for a Razon Edge, but Zayn escapes as Priest lands face first to the turnbuckle. Finn distracts ref, and Dom attscks Zayn. Jey Uso came to the aid, attacked Dom and super kicks Priest to end the match.

After the match, Balor, Priest and Dom attacked Sani Zayn and Jey Uso, where Cody came for the aid and all it has became chaos ring side. Cody tried to hit Cross Rhodes on Priest, but McDonagh saved him. Sami Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on McDonagh. Cody then hit double Cross Rhodes on JD McDonagh over the announcement desk. Cody then sent a message to Priest, that he failed to break his bone, as he is now almost recover to fight him at Crown Jewel to wreck him.

Result: No Contest Ratings: 4/5

WWE Raw Results

  • Dominik Mysterio (W) defeated Ricochet by Pinfall.
  • The Creed Brothers (W) defeated Alpha Academy by pinfall.
  • Team DIY (W) defeated Imperium by pinfall.
  • Xia Lee (W) defeated Candice LeRae by referee stoppage.
  • Seth Rollins (W) defeated JD McDonagh by pinfall.
  • Chelsea Green (W) defeated Natalya by pinfall.
  • Damien Priest vs Sami Zayn (W) ended in a no contest by interference.

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