WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (October 06, 2023): The Bloodline-Judgment Day Alliance

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

October 7 2023
WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (October 06, 2023):

The Bloodline & Judgment Day agrees to work together, Cena & Knight were joined by Cody & Jey, the challengers defeated SKY & Bayley, Dragon Lee wins his debut, Lashley defeats Rey & much more!

The October 06, 2023 episode of Friday Night SmackDown is one of the must see episode of recent times. This is the last SmackDown before Fastlane, which sets the hype for the premium live event. An important alliance between The Judgment Day & The Bloodline is approved, Lashley made his in-ring return, Dragon Lee debuts and much more happened tonight. Know what happened on this week’s episode of SmackDown, as we came out with the complete summary of the show, with match results, ratings and winners list.

SmackDown Summary

The Bloodline confronts LA Knight

LA Knight kicked-off the Friday Night SmackDown. He took the mic and about to start his talk, but Paul Heyman interfered straight away with the mic and approached the ring with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. The WWE Universe goes for a huge LA Knight pop, which pisses Heyman off.

Heyman warned Knight, as The Bloodline will destroy him like they did to AJ Styles. Jimmy Uso calls for a fight and and try to enter the ring with Solo Sikoa. But Cena joins Knight. The Bloodline retreat, however Knight challenges Jimmy Uso for a match tonight. Jimmy accepts, but Heyman is upset.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs IYO SKY & Bayley

Charlotte & IYO start the match, IYO went for a throwdown, & Charlotte delivered a back breaker and tags Asuka in. Asuka went for a hip attack, which Bayley took to save IYO. Asuka hit a missile drop kick on buth IYO & Bayley, sending them out of the ring. During the commercial, IYO delivered a drop kick on Asuka over the apron, which made Damage CTRL the upper hand. SKY locked the hips of Asuka & bites her ears.

Bayley tagged in, Asuka fights back, but Bayley took her to the corner to avoid her from tagging Asuka. Bayley & Asuka works together and delivered a Face burster to Asuka. But, Asuka hit her with a kick to the head, as she tags Charlotte & IYO tags Bayley. Charlotte chops Bayley & IYO and hit Bayley with a Back to the knee & Clothesline.

Asuka tags in took Bayley to the top of the rope, Charlotte tags in and looks to Super-plex Bayley. But Asuka hit a powerbomb taking all down. IYO hits an enziguri to Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair with a big boot sent IYO out. Bayley tried to use Figure-4 on Charlotte, but she kicked her pushing IYO down. Charlotte delivered a Natural Selection on Bayley for the win.

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Asuka Ratings: 3.5/5


Jimmy, Solo & Paul Heyman walked through the Judgment Day’s locker room. Solo & Priest, Jimmy & Dominik confront each other, but Rhea asked everyone to leave the room, as she wants to have an important business to talk with Paul Heyman.

Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio

Lashley took Rey with a shoulder tackle, sent him to the corner & hit a couple of spear. Lashley took Rey on his Shoulder, but Rey countered Lashley’s move and hit him with a kick to the chest and a Lion Sault from the middle rope. He then sends Lashley out of the ring.

After the commercial, Lashley went for a Waist lock by squeezing Rey’s mid-section. Rey escaped and climbed the top rope, but Lashley stops him, making him hang upside down. Lashley tried to spear him, but landed shoulder first to the turnbuckle. Rey hit him with a sit out senton and took him to the middle rope. He measures for a 619, but Lashley caught his leg and sends him out.

Lashley threw Rey in and Escobar through the barricade. Rey went for a Suicide Dive, but Lashley caught him. Rey sent Lashley shoulder first to the ring post and went hit him with a 619 to the mid section and a regular one.

As Rey climbed the top rope, Street Profits distracted him. LWO & Street Profits fought outside the ring, where Dawkins & Ford stood tall. This distracted Rey, where Lashley used it as an advantage & speared Rey Mysterio for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley Ratings: 3.5/5


Paul Heyman & Rhea Ripley had a serious talk about The Judgment Day & The Bloodline working together. Heyman likes the plan, but he needs to get authorized from the Tribal Chief. Rhea Ripley stopped him from calling Roman Reigns and asked Heyman to Acknowledge Rhea Ripley as his former man Jey Uso acknowledge her in Raw. Rhea walked out and Paul Heyman called Roman Reigns.

Austin Theory vs Dragon Lee

Austin Theory took the mic and endorses himself. As the match began, Lee chopped Theory’s chest and hit him with a HurricanRana & hit a slingshot stomp on Theory. As Lee about to take control, Grayson Waller music played and he walked to the ringside making the distraction. Theory took advantage, hit him with a takedown and a rolling drop kick.

After the Commercial, when Theory went rolling, Dragon Lee caught him and took control with drop kick and a super kick. However, Theory manages to deliver a one legged shoulder drop to the knee. Theory tried for a Clothesline, but Dragon Lee counters with a Powerbomb. Lee went to the top rope, but Waller distracts him. Theory hit him with an Ataxia.

Both went for a top rope, where Lee made Theory hang and stomped him. When Lee was sent out. Waller hits him face first to the apron and threw him in. Theory took him for a ATL, as Cameron Grimes came from nowhere and attacked Waller, Theory gets distracted and made Dragon Lee win by rolldown.

Winner: Dragon Lee Ratings: 3/5


Santos Escobar & Zelina Vega were on the backstage, waiting outside the Doctor’s room, Where Rey came out and said that Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde are injured by the attack of Street Profits. Now they are the only two to face Bobby Lashley & Street Profits at Fastlane. Rey went to have a quick phone call to ask for help. Which I speculate must be Carlito who would be joining the LWO.

LA Knight vs Jimmy Uso

Jimmy & Knight locked their hands as Knight took Jimmy Uso down. Jimmy fought back, but Knight took Jimmy with a shoulder tackle and Powerslam. Jimmy scrolled out, Knight hit him with a sliding drop kick. Knight had a stare with Heyman and entered the ring, where Jimmy kicked him in the back of the neck to send him out and delivered a Superkick outside the ring.

After the commercial, Knight was on the apron hit the Spanish powerbomb to the knee. Knight took control with a splash in the corner & a L-A-Knight Elbow Drop. But Solo Sikoa attacked him from behind to end the match. John Cena came to ring and took Solo Sikoa out. As the two called Jimmy & Solo to the ring, Judgment Day came to the ring side.

Paul Heyman and Rhea Ripley shook hands and authorized the alliance. Judgment Day stood on the Apron and confronted Cena & Knight, Jey Uso & Cody Rhodes joined Cena & Knight to start the brawl. Cody & Jey delivered suicide dive one by one to take everyone down.

Solo and Cena fought inside the ring, where Solo hit Cena with a Superkick. Knight pulled Solo from the back and delivered a BFT. JD McDonagh who came to the ring alone to fight Knight got surrounded by Cena, Knight, Cody & Jey. Knight hit him with a BFT, Jey delivered a Superkick, Cena went for a Five-Knuckle Shuffle & AA, Cody hit him with a Cross Rhodes to McDonagh to end the show.

Winner: LA Knight Ratings: 4.5/5

SmackDown Results

Charlotte Flair & Asuka (W) defeated IYO SKY & Bayley by Pinfall, as Charlotte pinned Bayley.

Bobby Lashley (W) defeated Rey Mysterio by Pinfall after the distraction by Street Profits.

Dragon Lee (W) defeated Austin Theory by Pinfall by rollup.

LA Knight (W) win by disqualification, as Solo Sikoa attacked him during the match.

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