CM Punk reacts to WWE return & meeting with officials rumors

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 6 2023
CM Punk responds to WWE Survivor Series return rumors

Ever since CM Punk was released from AEW, there have been rumors and reports around the wrestling industry that Punk will make his return to WWE. His close circle reported that Punk already had a pursuit to return to WWE, when he was suspended by AEW in 2022. There was a scrap plan of Punk returning to WWE for Royal Rumble and headlining WrestleMania Day 1 facing Kevin Owens, but it didn’t happen. Punk was also reported to be backstage during Raw and was said to leave the arena after talks in the past.

In mid-September it was reported that CM Punk is in talks with WWE and the company has also teased with CM Punk’s reference time to time, such as stating wrestlers as “Best in the World”, “Manipulator”, “Puppet” his past promo “The Greatest thing that Devil..”. Even on the latest episode of Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura also used his finisher “GTS” during the brawl with Ricochet. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer previously reported that WWE declined CM Punk’s return after he initiated the talkswas not forever, but for now. At this stage when rumors started circulating around the internet as Survivor Series getting near, to which Punk responded.

CM Punk in Talks? No Talks? with WWE

BWE on X previously reported that CM Punk was recently scheduled for a call with a few board members and stated that the backstage feels that it is happening but it doesn’t mean it is done.

Following BoozerRasslin’s tweet, Sean Ross Sapp denied claiming that WWE are still denying that there are talks going on with Punk and advised fans not to expect to see him at Survivor Series.

Basically WWE management doesn’t want any of their fans to get their hopes up with Punk rumors, although it may change, but as per WWE sources there is nothing to deal with the rumors.

At this stage, CM Punk posted on his Instagram story that he is in a meeting with two high-profile WWE authority figures at the China Club and posted a picture with the list of top 10 merchandise sales list of both WWE and AEW, where CM Punk stood second in the merchandise sales of AEW. He mentioned that he is happy to see Dunhuissen in the top 10 list.

CM Punk on his Instagram Story posted,

“Meeting with Phil Zacko and Jack Tunnery at the China Club, brother.”

It seems like a rumor killer as it is completely contrary to the report. It appears that Punk is having a lot of fun with his return rumors and doesn’t want to let the rumors of returning to WWE lay down soon.

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