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John Cena's top 7 potential opponents for WWE WrestleMania 40

Published at :November 28, 2023 at 01:39 PM
Modified at :January 14, 2024 at 01:18 AM
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Hey there, wrestling fans are buzzing with excitement over John Cena’s return to the WWE, and the big question on everyone’s mind? What’s he got planned for WrestleMania 40? Right now, he’s mixing it up in the orbit of LA Knight, making waves with promos and tag matches. But rewind a bit, and you’ll remember his standout moment at WrestleMania 39, where he really put Austin Theory in the spotlight.

Now everyone’s wondering what the 46-year-old legend might have up his sleeve. Will he keep boosting new talent, maybe consider a retirement match, or strike a balance between the two? There’s so much happening in the WWE universe that the possibilities for John Cena at WrestleMania 40 are making fans downright giddy.

Here are 7 potential opponents John Cena might face at WWE WrestleMania 40

7. Finn Balor

Judgment Day resonates within the WWE cosmos, and amidst this fervour, the notion of Cena crossing paths with Finn Bálor emerges. Their history might lack the fervour of a bitter rivalry, but Cena’s endorsement of Bálor as a worthy challenger for the Universal Championship in 2019 sets the stage for a showdown brimming with potential.

6. Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa’s emergence within Reigns’ orbit hints at an appetizer for what could evolve into a WrestleMania spectacle. Pairing Cena, an icon of WWE, against one of the company’s fastest-rising stars creates an alluring narrative. The ties between Cena and the Anoa’i family add depth, teasing a collision that could redefine the landscape if orchestrated on the grandest stage.

5. Logan Paul

Enter Logan Paul, an unexpected but magnetic force in the wrestling world. His arrival catapulted him into the WWE limelight, and his desire to face Cena sparks intrigue. Their diametric personas promise a clash of titans, a versatile matchup that could command any position on the WrestleMania card, captivating audiences with its unpredictability.

4. LA Knight

Friendship today, rivalry tomorrow? Cena and LA Knight’s camaraderie sets the stage for a potential rift. Their contrasting personas could fuel captivating promo battles, echoing the cheers or jeers from live audiences. The anticipation of Cena lambasting Knight for his ‘copycat’ antics versus Knight’s quest to retire a legend amplifies the allure of this showdown.

3. Gunther

Controversial yet tantalizing, the idea of Cena facing Gunther at WrestleMania raises eyebrows. Cena’s pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship, his elusive Grand Slam status, against a rising star like Gunther paints a compelling picture. A clash on this stage would redefine trajectories, a pivotal moment for both superstars on their respective journeys.

2. Cody Rhodes

While Rhodes’ trajectory veers towards Reigns, a forgotten narrative emerges with Cena. Their history intertwines with respect and shared experiences. The prospect of this showdown emerges amidst a landscape where Rhodes could potentially retire the WWE legend, crafting a monumental chapter in both their careers.

1. Randy Orton

The crown jewel of potential matchups for WrestleMania 40: John Cena versus Randy Orton. Their history, woven with multiple clashes for supremacy, holds an intrinsic allure. An envisioned “Legacy Match” between them, acknowledging their evolution and impact on WWE, stands as a testament to their intertwined legacies.

As the countdown to WrestleMania 40 commences, the speculations swirl and the WWE universe eagerly anticipates Cena’s return to the grand stage. The stage is set, the potential opponents varied, but one thing remains certain: WrestleMania 40 holds the promise of a historic clash that will etch its place in WWE lore.

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