Nick Aldis says his comments on CM Punk’s WWE Return were taken out of context

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 17 2023

Ever since CM Punk got released from AEW, his WWE return rumors have been circulating around the wrestling industry. It was confirmed by Punk’s close circle that CM Punk had pursuits to return to WWE during the time of Royal Rumble last year, and had a pitch to have a match with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38, but the plans were scrapped.

As Triple H took control of the creative, wrestling fans believed that Punk could possibly return to WWE. It was previously reported that Punk and WWE had been in serious discussions, but was regretted by the sources. At this stage, Nick Aldis’ interview of CM Punk’s WWE return was released on the Internet, which Aldis regrets stating edited content turned out of context, after the video went viral.

Rob Butler posted Nick Aldis’ comment on CM Punk’s potential return on X

WWE SmackDown General Manager, Nick Aldis recently spoke to Rob Butler of BBC Norfolk, where they spoke about CM  Punk and his possible return to WWE. Nick Aldis said that he knows CM Punk and he has respect for him. He said the admiration and respect towards doesn’t mean that he always agrees to every decision he makes professionally. He then said that CM Punk has a way to compete in WWE again and that would be a great business deal for everybody.

“Well, yes I do know Punk, and I have a great deal of admiration for him. A great deal of respect for him. And I respect the fact that no matter what you might think of him, and you don’t necessarily have to agree with every decision he’s made professionally, there’s not many people that have more conviction in this industry than him. And to me, I don’t think you can do anything except admire the hell out of that.

He’s built and cultivated a huge fan base. He sells a ton of merchandise. He moves numbers. He sells tickets. He sells merchandise. He puts butts in seats. Call me old-fashioned, but that trumps everything else.

There is a way. There is a way for him to compete in the WWE. And I think that if it can be done, I think there’s a way it could be really good business for everybody. And I will wait with bated breath, like everyone else, to see if it happens. But if it does, I’ll be excited to be involved with it.”

Nick Aldis hits back

Nick Aldis retweeted Rob Butler’s post on X and said that he is disappointed with the video uploaded as the video was edited out of context and said that he has “no dog in the fight” and advised them to be better journalists.

“I’m disappointed that this answer is edited out of context, considering it’s the BBC. For the record, I have no dog in the fight, and that situation is above my paygrade. Be better journalists.”

As there are conflicts in Nick Aldis’ statement being uploaded and his regret? Do you think CM Punk could return to WWE?

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