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WWE Survivor Series 2023 Results & Winners: CM Punk & Randy Orton return

Published at :November 26, 2023 at 10:27 AM
Modified at :January 14, 2024 at 01:16 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Randy Orton & CM Punk returns, Team Cody & Co. wins the War, Gunther retains, Rhea retains and much more!

The 2023 Survivor Series: War Games is officially over and it is one of the best pay-per-views of the year. The show carries a lot of twist, turns and surprises through out the event and is a great way to end 2023 PLEs. Get to know what happened on this year’s Survivor Series: War Games as we came out with the complete summary of the show.

Match Summary

Women’s War Games Match

Becky Lynch & Bayley

Becky Lynch and Bayley started the war as others got locked inside a lock-up cage at the entrance ramp. Becky Lynch and their crew had the Wargames advantage. Becky Lynch and Bayley exchanged hands. You hit, I hit back. Becky Lynch took her down with a clothesline and a Beck’X’ploder. Bayley sends Becky flying into the cage. Bayley delivered a suplex on the connecting steel. Becky Lynch drives Bayley into the cage, slide kicks her and locks for a Dis-Armer. Dakota Kai assist her from outside with the Kendo Stick.


Shotzi enters the ring banging Bayley’s head to the steel doors, a lot of weapons are unlocked. Shotzi seems dangerous, she hit a senton on Bayley hitting her face on the rope. Bayley is caught between two rings as Shotzi is with the steel chair and Becky with the kendo stick on the other ring. Bayley tries to escape the cage. Shotzi and Becky brought her down. They stand on the top rope and pushed her down.

IYO SKYIYO SKY enters the ring, she brings the steel chain to the ring! IYO send Shotzi and Becky to the second ring and hit a missile drop kick. Becky Lynch tryna fight back, but Bayley and IYO’s two on one attack took her down. They delivered a Vertical Suplex from the top rope. Shotzi seems like she’s already exhausted.

Bianca Belair

As IYO and Bayley tried to super-plex her, Bianca enters the ring, no weapons needed  as her long hair is enough. She whips both of them down with her hair. Drives IYO face first to the hinged trash can. Bayley and IYO tried took her down, but Bayley pulled both with her hair and double suplex-ed her. Becky Lynch and Shotzi hit a leg drop on IYO and Bayley.

Kairi SaneKairi Sane enters the ring with a trash can lid. Kairi is in a vibe, hit the trash can to the face of Shotzi and Becky and took Belair down. Shotzi is buried with chairs and Kairi Sane with the assist of IYO hit a Insane Elbow on her. Bianca Belair with a shoulder press threw Kairi over the ring to other. However Damage CTRL took control.

Charlotte FlairCharlotte Flair enters the War for the very first time. Charlotte Flair is dominating all the three single handedly as her partners are already down like a One Woman Wrecking crew. Charlotte Flair with a Natural Selection on Bayley and SKY. Becky Lynch and Charlotte have a face off, however IYO and Kairi took both of them. IYO SKY climbs top with a steel chain in hand. Drops the chain down and Kai loads a Trash can on it. IYO wears the Trash can on her head and lands on all.

Asuka & War Games begin

Only bones are left and Asuka enters the ring to pick the bones. Asuka brings Kendo Sticks, Fire Extinguishers and Tables to the ring. Bell rang and the War Games began. Every member of the Damage CTRL has Kendo Stick on the hand, take over the other. They tied Belair and Bayley with the steel  chain and all the four drop kicked her. Asuka sprayed the mist on Shotzi and drop kicked Becky with the trash can on her head.

Damage CTRL is in total control of the match. Belair and Becky with a Powerbomb on IYO and Bayley. Charlotte goes for the top of the cage and hit a Moon-sault from there. Everyone is down, Becky and Charlotte working together as one, takes everyone down. They hug each other, Charlotte with a Figure-8 IYO and Becky with a Dis-Armer on Asuka. Kairi with the Insane Elbow on her  but Becky locked her too. Bayley with a running knee.

Shotzi hit a missile drop kick on Asuka. Bayley hit a Rose-plant on Becky. Belair sprays the fire extinguisher on Asuka. IYO hit a chair on back of Belair. Charlotte looks for a spear on Kairi, but Bayley sacrifices, Belair hit a KOD, Becky hit a Manhandle Slam over the top rope through the table on Bayley for the win.

Winners: Team of Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair and Shotzi Ratings: 4.5/5

Intercontinental Championship- Gunther vs The Miz

Miz kicks Gunther on the leg. Miz hit a devastating chop on Gunther, but Gunther’s chop is way more powerful took Miz down. Miz slaps Gunther, OMG that sound is too loud. Miz runs out and targets Gunther’s leg, locks his leg on the ring post blew it and goes for a figure four. While entering the ring, Gunther takes him down with a bug boot and a series of powerful chops. Gunther took Miz down with a powerslam and bullies him again. Miz tries to fight back, but Gunther hit a German suplex and Big boot.

Gunther looks for a Powerbomb, but Miz escapes and took the champ down. Miz targets Gunther’s knee with a number of strikes. After the knee its Gunther’s chest which he is targeting on. Gunther hits a chop and Miz delivered a Tornado DDT.

Miz looks for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Gunther hit a drop kick and delivered a Powerbomb, but Miz kicks out. Gunther humiliates Miz by blowing slaps on the back of his head. Miz took the turnbuckle cover off, as ref is concentrated on that Miz his a couple of low blow and Skull Crushing Finale, but Gunther kicks out.

Gunther looks for a Rear neck choke, but Miz send him through the exposed turnbuckle and looks for a roll down, but Gunther escaped. Gunther hit a powerful chop, top rope splash and Walls of Jericho kind of a move, to which Miz taps out and Gunther Retains.

Winner: Gunther Ratings: 4/5

Santos Escobar vs Dragon Lee

Escobar blew Lee right away with a couple of elbow strikes, followed by the kick to the head. Escobar hit a backbreaker on the knee. Hangs Lee upside down and kicks him on the face. Escobar is man handling Lee. He locks Lee’s leg on the steel stairs like what he done for Rey. Escobar with the back elbow strike, hurricanrana and over the top rope senton changed the momentum on his side.

Lee hit a knee to the face and climbs the top rope, but Escobar caught him and delivered a hurricanrana from the top rope. Escobar tried to rip the mask off from his face. Escobar took Lee to the top rope, Lee make him hang and stomped on his chest. Lee looks to finish things of, but Escobar hit a superkick that would have broke his skull. Lee fights back and hit a powerbomb, but Escobar delivered a Canadian Destroyer and a Fantom Driver for the win.

Winner: Santos Escobar Rarings: 4/5

Women’s World Championship- Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark

Rhea and Zoey yell and slap each other. They roll up and exhcange punches. Zoey sent Mami down and flew from the top rope and took her down. Zoey is head buttrf by Rhea, but Zoey quickly fights back, hit a DDT on Apron, and delivered a springboard rolling senton. Rhea goes down and she sends Zoey through the ring post, which hurt her arm bad. Ripley gains control, extends her arm arm and stomped burying her on the mat.

Rhea hut face first of the knee, head butts and took her to the top  of the rope. Zoey fights back and both landed a botch move. Zoey hit a Roundhouse kick, but Mami gains momentum too soon with a couple of kicks to the face and by sending her face first to the ground. Zoey asks for more beating, and she fires up for a brief momentum. Zoey tried for a Z360, but Ripley countered with triple elbow strike and hit a Riptide for the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley Ratings: 3/5

Men’s War Games Match

Backstage: Randy is still not here, but their match is minutes away. Cody says that he will be here, but no one believes him. Zayn says that he trust Cody and they prepare for War.

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

Finn Balor enters the ring first, as Priest and McIntyre is having a face off on the entrance ramp. Seth Rollins on the babyfaces team enters the ring. As all got locked in Orton is still not here.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor starts the war, Seth went flying from one ring to other and the both exchange hands. Rollins sends Balor to the steel cage and Balor asks for mercy. Rollins tries for  powerbomb through the cage, but Balor escapes and sends Rollins through the cage.

Balor took Seth Rollins back first to the connecting steel. Rollins fights back, blowing the head of Balor. Rollins delivered a back breaker on the knee and hit him with a running knee.

JD McDonaghJD McDonagh enters next, but Rollins delays his entry by kicking him out. McDonagh with a couple of Kendo Sticks unloading on Rollins. Balor and McDonagh are countered by Rollins, but McDonagh hit a second tope Moon-sault on Rollins, takes control.

Jey Uso

As Balor and McDonagh torturing Rollins and he’s got the backup, Jey Uso enters the ring with the steel chair. Every punch Jey throws we have Yeet chants, this looks great. Jey took both with the steel chair, hit them with a number of punches. Hit Balor with a senton, but McDonagh delivered a Spanish fly.They tried to take control, but Rollins and Jey took them with a superkick and takes control.

Damian Priest

McIntyre tries to enter the ring, but Damian Priest stops him and entered the ring. Priest is taken out by Rollins and Jey, but the punisher got a steel rod in his hands and took them off. Priest is dominating the match. He hit Rollins with a Flatliner and hit senton on both Jey and Rollins.

Sami Zayn

As The Judgment Day is showcasing Brutality, Sami Zayn is unleashed from the cage. Zayn took McDonagh with the Kendo stick and Balor with the steel door. Sami gets the Table to the ring. UCEY! chants circulate and Zayn took em all. Zayn hit a Blue thunder bomb on Balor and climbs top of the cage. McDonagh tried to stop him but lands on his groin. Sami took a steel pipe from the steel cage and blew it on McDonagh and Priest.

Drew McIntyre

Sami, Seth and Jey takes control of them and McIntyre enters the ring. Drew has no weapons  but is so brutal. He took Rollins and Sami and went for Jey Uso. Both exchange hands as Jey Uso has a signature punch and McIntyre hit a neck breaker. Drew drives him through the steel chair and ask him to acknowledge to what he has done in the past. Jey Uso hit a Superkick on Drew and with the help of Sami hit a One-D on him.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is unleashed and he takes on Priest, McDonagh Balor. Cody takes the thug of war rope and Seth has the other corner. They have a discussion on where is Randy Orton, Cody says he is coming and went on to take care of the fight.

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik is arrived with a boo! Dominik Mysterio has his hands on all of his opponents and hit a couple of Amegos on  Cody Rhodes. He was surrounded by the other opponents and is having a beatdown. Although the babyfaces dominate, the number games changed the momentum to the Judgment Day side. “Randy” chants going wild.

Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest hit chokeslam on Cody, Seth, and Sami. McDonagh with a moon-sault, Balor with a Coupe de Grace, and Dom with a frog splash dominate the opponents.

Randy Orton returns & War Games Begin

As everyone wait for Orton’s arrival, Rhea Ripley with the briefcase arrives with a referee. As Rhea about to make it official for a cash in, Randy Orton returns. He takes down McDonagh, Dom Dom and Balor. But Priest and McIntyre took him down. As the Babyfaces comes through they took control and everyone hit a Elevated DDT as a tribute to Orton.

Orton looks for an RKO and turns on Jey, he is scared. Jey and Orton has an arguments for what they have done in the past. Jey superkick Priest, Orton RKOs Dom, Cody hit a Cody cutter on Balor, Sami with a Helluva kick on Drew and Uso with a Uso Splash on on him. McDonagh is all alone as he tries to escape the cage, Rollins and Sami pushed him down and Randy Orton hit a RKO on him. Cody hit a Cross Rhodes on Damien Priest and got the win.

Winner: The team of Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn & Jey Uso Ratings: 4.8/5

CM Punk returns

After the end of the show, CM Punk’s ‘Cult of Personality’ theme played and the crowd chants hit the sky. As Punk returned to WWE after nine-long years. The Allstate Arena went crazy and no one saw him coming. Punk had some moments with fans on the entrance ramp and the 2023 Survivor Series War Games officially comes to an end.

Ratings: 4.6/5

Survivor Series Results

  • Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair and Shotzi defeated Damage CTRL in the War Games match.
  • Gunther defeated The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
  • Santos Escobar defeated Dragon Lee by pinfall.
  • Rhea Ripley defeated Zoey Stark to retain the Women’s World Champion.
  • Randy Orton returns
  • Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn & Jey Uso defeated Team Judgment Day in the War Games Match.
  • CM Punk returns.

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