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Damian Priest beats Jey Uso to retain World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Backlash 2024

Published at :May 5, 2024 at 12:16 AM
Modified at :May 5, 2024 at 12:17 AM
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Darshanbir Singh

The Judgment Day played a key part in the match

The landscape of the World Heavyweight Title scene certainly took an unexpected turn at WrestleMania, with “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest seizing the opportunity to cash in on Drew McIntyre’s hard-fought victory over Seth Rollins. This sudden change in champion set the stage for a new era in the title’s history, but it also brought forth a fresh set of challengers vying for the prestigious gold.

Jey Uso emerged as the first challenger to the new titleholder’s reign, showcasing his determination and skill by earning the No. 1 Contender spot in a hard-fought Fatal 4-Way Match. Despite Drew McIntyre’s resilience and championship pedigree, CM Punk’s interference once again proved to be a decisive factor, allowing Uso to capitalize and secure his opportunity to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title, from then Uso is trying to overcome The Judgement Day because of their frequent attacks and finally being saved by Monster Among Men Braun Strowman on the recent episode of Raw where he made his surprising return.

The match

The match began with a pure cinema when Jey Uso was warming up backstage and saw Solo Sikoa coming with Tama Tonga and Paul Heyman looking desperate to come out of the chaos that was happening in the Bloodline. The crowd singalong continued with an electrifying entrance through the WWE Universe and also the yeet chants, the first time for the France crowd. It was Damian Priest who arrived second and he wasn’t accompanied by the other members of the Judgement Day as he had advised them, not to interfere in the match.

The match began with the Yeet chants from the audience and followed by the “Yeet” punches from Jey Uso. Jey was driven to the barricade thereafter by Priest. It was Priest who had the upper hand here and mocking Uso followed by the pin attempt broken by Uso. Damian was then hit with a back suplex, thus changing the momentum followed by the yeet punches and then a step-up enzuigiri followed by yeet chants and Priest kicking out to the pin attempt by Uso.

It was JD who came to save Priest followed by a spear to Uso, followed by a kick out and then a USO splash kicked out by Priest to a pin attempt by Uso. The punches were thrown at each other with fans chanting “yeet” and “no yeet” for Jey Uso and Priest respectively. Thereafter there were superkicks by Jey, with both the wrestlers face to face. Uso was hit with a Razor’s Edge followed by a failed pin attempt.

Priest Retaines

Priest tried hitting a South of Heaven Chokeslam but failed as Jey speared Priest and tried pinning but it failed. It was Balor who came and interfered thereafter Priest hit Uso with the Chokeslam but the pin attempt failed follwed by This is Awesome chants. With kicks following from both the Wrestler, the Uso Splash was hit but JD interfered again. While Jey was on the ringside, Damian Priest got the momentum as he got the moment to hit chokeslam from the turnbuckle following with a pinfall and winning the match.

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