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Indian wrestler's top five most memorable moments in WWE history

Published at :June 6, 2024 at 8:00 PM
Modified at :June 6, 2024 at 8:01 PM
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Nik O'Connor

Till now many Indian wrestlers have made their mark by going to WWE.

WWE has seen an influx of talented and world-class athletes coming in from various parts of the world. Much like all countries, the promotion has seen a handful of top-level superstars from the native land of India.

Not only have Indian wrestlers proven that they can hang with the best and overcome them too, but also delivered memorable moments over the years in the global juggernaut. Here are the top five moments created by Indian stars in WWE.

5. Tiger Ali Singh’s debut

The first-ever Indian wrestler to grace the WWE stage was Tiger Ali Singh. He appeared back in 1997 as revealed in a press conference in the Sky Dome. Most notably, he defeated one of the best technical wrestlers, Owen Hart to win the WWF Kuwait Cup. Moreover, he competed on stages like RAW, and Royal Rumble and set the path going for other Indian players to step up to the challenge of making it to the WWE.

4. Khali introduces the Punjabi Prison match

The 7ft. 3 giant, The Great Khali is considered one of the most influential stars in WWE from India. Khali brought various Indian touches to the promotion. However, one of the most memorable sights was The Great Khali introducing the dangerous bamboo structure named the ‘Punjabi Prison.’

Although he was pulled from the match at the last second, Khali has been credited as the innovator for the deadly structure and went on to be featured in two of those matches over the years.

3. Jinder Mahal & The Rock’s promo

The onset of 2024 hyped the return of a former WWE Champion, later revealed to be Jinder Mahal. However, he made history by being the first WWE superstar of Indian origin to share the stage with perhaps, the biggest star in sports and entertainment, The Rock.

Although Mahal was overpowered by The Final Boss that night, he credited The Rock for giving him that moment which resulted in a short push and had Mahal all over the headlines until his release from WWE a few months ago.

2. Khali wins the World Heavyweight Championship

In 2007, after then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge relinquished his title due to injury, a battle Royal was announced to crown the new champion. In a shocking turn of events, the fans saw The Great Khali lastly eliminating Batista and Kane to win the match. This victory made headlines all over the world as Khali became the first Indian star to win a World Championship in WWE etching his name in history.

1. Jinder Mahal wins the WWE Title

At the 2017 WWE Backlash event, Jinder Mahal rewrote history forever. Not only did he defeat a future WWE Hall of Famer, Randy Orton, but also won the richest prize in sports entertainment, the WWE Championship. Mahal delivered a thunderous Khallas to Orton to secure the pinfall and gain the significant win that made a renowned figure in India and was even congratulated by the Prime Minister of the Country, Mr. Narendra Modi.

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