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WWE RAW Results, Highlights & Winners (April 1, 2024): The Rock & Roman Reigns brutally assault Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes

Published at :April 2, 2024 at 9:48 AM
Modified at :April 2, 2024 at 9:49 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Seth vs Solo in a Bloodline rules match, Gunther assaults Sami, Rhea & Becky brawl, Rock & Roman assault Seth & Cody & more!

The April 1, 2024 episode of Monday Night Raw is officially over and it is one of the must watch WWE shows in recent times. This is the final episode of Raw before WrestleMania 40 and a lot of brawl broke out, showcasing preview. Get to know what happened on this week’s episode, as we came out with the complete match summary, highlights, results and grades of April 1 episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw Summary & Highlights

The Bloodline (The Rock, Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso)

The Rock & Roman Reigns WWE

The Rock kicks-off Monday Night Raw, he addresses his last week attack on Cody Rhodes. He says that he made him bleed and added it to the Belt, but one thing is missing, it is Momma Rhodes’ tears. He says that he made The Cody Crybabies cry.

Rock plays a video of two kids crying for Cody getting beaten up last week. He says that it hurts his heart as he is the dad of three daughters. Rock says their parents to put them on the television again, as he want to gospel again. Rock says that there is a moment, where he had to do it. Rock says that he is not alone & Roman Reigns makes his way to Monday Night Raw after almost a year.

Michael Cole says that Roman Reigns said on his biography, that if he lost the title to Cody Rhodes, he will be gone. Roman is acknowledged, Roman says that it is Family above all. He says that he came to Raw to acknowledge is family.

Fans says YEET! & Roman says No YEET! & says that if they continue saying this, he’ll leave. He takes the moment to thank his cousin, The Rock. He says that it is the easiest WrestleMania for him. Roman is confident that it is the Bloodline rules for Night 2. Roman thanked Rock for making Cody bleed and for putting family first.

Roman says that it is their mountain and they can do anything. Seth “Freakin” Rollins interferes. Seth says that they proved themselves stupid, by beating Cody Rhodes. He says that he is done talking and wants the fight tonight. Rollins calls Rock for a match and the whole arena erupts. He says, Rock doesn’t have balls to face for it. He says that if it is not Rock, he wants Roman Reigns tonight.

Rock says that, is he calling for a fight after seeing what he done to Cody last week. He says that they have another plan, Solo steps in and says that he is ready to fight Seth Rollins tonight. Rock says that the match is the Bloodline rules match.

Earlier Tonight

Rhea Ripley was in the MMA Hour for an interview, where Becky confronted her and pushed her for a fight, but securities separated them.

Eight Man Tag Team Match- The New Day & DIY vs The Judgment Day

Eight man tag team match

New Day & DIY pushed all the members of Judgment Day. Dominik Mysterio took cheap shot on New Day members and takes down Johnny Gargano. Balor got tagged in and attacks gargano, however he fights back and tagged Ciampa.

Ciampa is fired up and he took down Balor & McDonagh single handedly with back to back corner splash and with a Clothesline. Kofi tags in and he takes down McDonagh and Damian Priest in control. Woods got tagged in and he hit a vertical suplex on McDonagh, but Dom saved him.

Dom tried for a 619 on Ciampa, but he caught him and Gargano kicked him on the face to send him out. Gargano hit a suicide dive on him. Priest got tagged in and he took Kofi with a South of Heavens Chokeslam & Ciampa with a Razers Edge for a win.

Backstage- The Bloodline

The Bloodline on backstage said that Solo Sikoa is ready for The Bloodline Rules Match. Roman says that he is going for now to prepare for Paul Heyman’s Hall of Fame Speech. Roman is inducting Heyman into the Hall of Fame.

Chad Gable trains Sami Zayn

Chad Gable trains Sami Zayn to face Gunther at WrestleMania 40. It is like the Rocky movie, but its Lit.

Backstage- The Judgment Day & Legado Del Fantasma

Judgment Day is backstage, where LDF met him. Priest is not happy of Dom aligning with LDF. Priest is angry and he walks away.

Sami Zayn vs Bronson Reed

Sami is fired up, he chops Reed on his chest, escapes his move and took him down with a roll down. Reed hit a vicious chop, Sami fights back sent him out with a Clothesline, and hit a senton over the top rope. They enter the ring, where Reed splashed him in the corner and hit a Powerslam.

Reed took him with a Slam and hit an Elbow Drop, but Sami kicks out. Reed took Sami to the top rope, but Reed hit a Sunset Powerbomb. Reed fights back and hit a powerbomb, but not enough for a fall.

After the commercial, Reed continues his domination, but Sami fight back with chops, hit a Tornado DDT. Sami looks for an Exploder Suplex, but Reed took him with a suplex and a senton. Sami escaped the Tsunami & looks for a Helluva Kick, but Gunther came out dragging Gable to the entrance ramp.

Sami came to check Gable, but Gunther attacked him and went brutal with a series of chops and kick to the face. Sami tried to stand up in a cinematic way, but Gunther knocks him down.


Jey Uso met Lil Wayne backstage & invited him to WrestleMania 40 & he accepts his invite to watch Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso match.

Hall of Fame Update

Lia Miavia (Rock’s Grandmother) is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2024, by The Rock.

Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile vs Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae & Ivy Nile start the match, where Ivy tried to showcase brutality on Candice, but she escapes and tags Indi. Ivy twists Indi’s hand and tags Maxxine, as she hit her on the hand. Indi changes the momentum, with a slam and tags Candice. She strikes Maxxine and took her in control. Maxxine fights back & tags Nile, so as Indi.

Ivy takes down Indi with a couple of kicks to the face, and went for the top rope. Candice pushed her down. Indi is shocked looking at Candice. Maxinne kicked her on the back to push Candice down & rolled down Indi for the win.


Seth Rollins seems quite upset with the Bloodline rules match, Jey Uso met him and told that he got his back tonight.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre appeared on the video taping saying CM Punk is not a matter anymore. Drew cuts a promo against Seth “Cringe King” Rollins, saying deserves the beat-up the entire week. McIntyre claims that Rollins’ time is over.

Ricochet vs Ivar

Ricochet vs Ivar WWE

Ricochet is fired up, but Ivar takes control of him. Ricochet took Ivar out of the ring and went flying outside the ring, but nobody holds. Ivar kicked him on the mid-section and tried for a powerbomb, but Ricochet stood on the apron and kicked him on the face, but when going for a moonsault, Ivar took him down sweeping his leg.

During the commercial, Ivar hit a splash. Into the ring. Ricochet looks to fight back inside the ring. Ivar sat down on him, Ricochet fights back send him out of the ring and hit a gymnastic fly. Inside the ring, Ricochet hit a standing moonsault and a lariat from the top rope. Ivar hit a spinning heel kick and a sitout powerbomb. Ricochet caught Ivar and hit a overhead slam, he then hit a 630 splash on him for the win.

Backstage- The Judgment Day

Judgment Day and LDF watch Ricochet win and ask JD McDonagh to do something. McDonagh says he got him at Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Andrade came to meet The Judgment Day, wished Santos Escobar and Angel all the best. Judgment Day doesn’t want Andrade in the faction anymore. Rhea went on to see Becky inside the ring.

Becky Lynch & Rhea Ripley

Becky Lynch & Rhea Ripley WWE

Becky Lynch says that she can’t wait until WrestleMania 40 and calls her out for a fight tonight. Adam Pearce came with a bunch of securities says that she need to wait until WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley comes to the entrance ramp.

Pearce says to save it until WrestleMania, but she kicks the securities and went on to fight Becky. Both exchange hands, but securities separated them. Rhea Ripley & Becky Lynch are still brawling backstage. Securities separated them and Judgment day dragged Mami to their locker room.

Damage CTRL

Dakota kai backstage says that they gonna teach a lesson to Bianca Belair, Naomi, Jade Cargill & Bayley, as they will take down Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark & Tegan Nox next.

Six-Women Tag Team Match- Damage CTRL vs Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark & Tegan Nox

Six-Women Tag Team Match WWE

Tegan Nox and Dakota kai start the match, where all the members of Damage CTRL took down their other opponents. Damage CTRL with back to back tag-ins takes control of Nox. Shayna, Zoey and Tegan entered the ring and hit them with a triple suplex to send them out. Tegan and Shayna hit a suicide dive and Zoey jumped from the top rope to everyone out there before the commercial.

After the commercial, Zoey Stark took down Kairi Sane & Asuka. She’s fired up, she hit a German suplex on Asuka, and a missile drop kick to Kairi. Zoey looks to take Kairi for a vertical suplex, but Kairi hit a DDT. Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox is now legal. Nox take the initial control, but Dakota Kai hit him with a kick to the face and tags Kairi Sane. Kabuki warriors hit their finisher, reverse DDT-Insane Elbow combo for the win.

Backstage Interview- Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage and was asked about why he is risking with just days away from WrestleMania. Rollins says that he is planning to reduce the problem and he always has plan B. Drew McIntyre is on backstage, where Seth said that he is not dead yet. McIntyre points yet.

The Bloodline Rules Match- Seth Rollins vs Solo Sikoa

Before Solo Sikoa makes his way to the ring, Seth Rollins attacked Solo and hit him with a Suicide dive. Seth chops Solo and Solo hit back first to the steel steps. Solo dragged Seth’s back to the apron and sent him to the time keepers area.

Seth threw four chair on Solo’s head and hit a DDT on a chair. Seth introduces the table and set it up on the ring. Solo tries to fight, but Seth laid him down on the table with a couple of Super kicks. As Seth went for the top rope, Solo stopped him and hit with a Samoan Drop to break the table into three pieces.

After the commercial, Solo Sikoa continues his domination by banging Seth’s head on the steel stairs. Solo looks for a splash, but he hit on the stairs. Seth hit Solo’s head with the steel stair and sets another table up on the ring.

Solo fights back and looks to break the table again, but Seth hit a Sunset Powerbomb to break the table. Jimmy Uso shows up and he hit a super kick on Seth. Jey Uso showed up and took Jimmy to the backstage. But The Rock took Jey down and enters the ring to attack Seth.

Seth Rollins is smiling. Cody Rhodes is here. Both Cody & Seth started attacking The Rock. Cody took Rock to the announcement table and tried to break it with a Rock bottom, but Roman Reigns came from under the ring to counter them. Roman & Rock brutally attacked Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes.

Roman Reigns hit Seth with a Superman punch & Cody with a spear. Rock took the Weight belt out and they punishes Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins with that. The Rock & Roman stay tall and it brings an end to the show.

Raw Results

  • The Rock, Roman Reigns & The Bloodline arrived on Raw.
  • Seth Rollins challenged The Rock or Roman Reigns for a match tonight, but ended up with Solo Sikoa in a Bloodline rules match in the main event.
  • The Judgment Day defeated The New Day & DIY in the Eightman Tag Team match.
  • Sami Zayn vs Bronson Reed ended in a no contest following Gunther’s attack on Sami.
  • Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile defeated Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae.
  • Ricochet defeated Ivar by pinall.
  • Becky Lynch & Rhea Ripley engaged in a brawl.
  • Damage CTRL defeated Tegan Nox, Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark.
  • Seth Rollins vs Solo Sikoa ended in a no contest, as the brawl broke out with The Rock, Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso’s involvement.

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