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Why did Nikki Cross played mind games with Chad Gable on WWE Raw? Exploring the possibilities

Published at :June 25, 2024 at 5:01 PM
Modified at :June 25, 2024 at 5:01 PM
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Blesson Daniel

Chad Gable qualifies for MITB Ladder Match just before being targeted by Nikki Cross.

On the fallout edition of Monday Night RAW after Clash at the Castle, fans were shocked when Chad Gable seemingly met his end at the hands of Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Sicks, with what appeared to be a bullet wound to the head.

The wrestling community mourned the former leader of Alpha Academy, joked about Otis escaping serious repercussions, and pondered the capabilities of this new, menacing faction. To everyone’s surprise, Gable was cleared to compete just a week later in a WWE Money in the Bank qualifying match, replacing Ilja Dragunov.

During the match, Gable emerged victorious after pinning Bronson Reed, thanks to an attack on Braun Strowman by The Judgment Day. However, his celebration was short-lived as the lights dimmed, smoke filled the ring, and Nikki Cross (Sister Abigail), a member of the Wyatt Sicks, appeared, terrifying Gable into a hasty retreat.

This eerie encounter left fans questioning why Gable, out of the entire locker room, was specifically targeted by Cross and the Wyatt Sicks. Here are three reasons why Nikki Cross scared only Chad Gable.

3. Psychological warfare to break Chad Gable

Nikki Cross’s scare tactic could be a form of psychological warfare aimed at breaking Chad Gable’s spirit. By confronting him in such a terrifying manner, Cross and the Wyatt Sicks sought to exploit Gable’s vulnerabilities and weaken his mental resolve.

This psychological manipulation is intended to isolate Gable, making him feel helpless and more susceptible to further attacks or coercion. The Wyatt Sicks’ strategy revolves around breaking their opponents not just physically, but mentally, ensuring their control and influence extend beyond the ring.

2. To intimidate the locker room

By frightening Chad Gable, Nikki Cross and the Wyatt Sicks intended to send a strong message to the rest of the roster. Gable’s public humiliation serves as a metaphor of the faction’s strength and propensity to punish anybody who stands in their way. This form of intimidation was intended to inspire dread and uncertainty in other wrestlers, highlighting Wyatt Sicks’ dominance and unpredictability.

1. Chad Gable left his family

Wyatt 6 faction revolves around people turned family and that was one of the biggest reasons they attacked Chad Gable. As, he started behaving cruelly to The Alpha Academy and to a friend who was with him through Ups and Downs, Otis.

This created a personal vendetta for the Wyatt 6 faction who prioritize family. This personal grudge is likely why Cross specifically targeted him, using fear as a tool to remind him of the consequences of his actions.

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