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Top four WWE stars who could join Roman Reigns and form The OG Bloodline

Published at :June 24, 2024 at 4:34 PM
Modified at :June 24, 2024 at 4:34 PM
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Blesson Daniel

Roman Reigns may have trouble finding his feet after returning to WWE.

Roman Reigns’ reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, which lasted an impressive 1,316 days, ended at WrestleMania 40 in April. Many fans speculated that this would spell the end for The Bloodline, a faction that had dominated WWE for years. However, the group’s longtime enforcer, Solo Sikoa, has since declared himself the new Tribal Chief.

Under his leadership, The Bloodline has added new members, including the vicious Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and the recently debuted Jacob Fatu. With this new iteration of The Bloodline running rampant, fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Roman Reigns to reclaim his faction from his cousin’s grip. To take on this revamped Bloodline, Reigns will need allies.

Here are the four WWE stars who might join forces with Roman in what could become a dramatic Bloodline civil war.

4. Zilla Fatu

The Bloodline has been expanding its ranks with formidable new members, and one potential addition who could align with Roman Reigns is Zilla Fatu. Zilla, the son of the late WWE star Umaga, has been making waves on the independent scene, wrestling for promotions like GCW. His interest in joining WWE and becoming part of The Bloodline storyline has been evident for some time.

In a post on Instagram, Zilla hinted at his intentions by reacting to Jacob Fatu’s WWE debut with the message, “See you soon.” Zilla has expressed a desire to continue his family’s legacy in WWE, and his recent wrestling experience could make him a valuable asset in the looming Bloodline conflict. His arrival would add another layer of depth to the ongoing storyline and bolster Roman Reigns’ quest to regain control of his faction.

3. Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso is an importnat cornerstone of the original Bloodline. He could be pivotal in Roman Reigns’ attempt to reclaim his faction. While Jimmy once tried to distance himself from The Bloodline, his loyalty to Roman has been evident. Alongside his brother Jey, Jimmy was integral to the group’s dominance over WWE for nearly three years. Despite internal conflicts and the departure of his brother Jey, Jimmy remained with the group, possibly more out of fear than loyalty.

In recent developments, Jimmy and Roman Reigns seem to have found common ground and a shared enemy among the new Bloodline members. Jey Uso, currently on WWE Raw, has been urging his brother to leave SmackDown and join him, highlighting the danger of the new Bloodline members. Reuniting with Roman Reigns could provide Jimmy with a sense of purpose and unity as they seek to dismantle Solo Sikoa’s faction.

2. Jey Uso

Jey Uso, known as “Main Event Jey Uso,” rose to new heights during his time with The Bloodline. His partnership with Roman Reigns and subsequent solo career on WWE Raw have made him a fan favorite. However, the escalating threat from Solo Sikoa and the new Bloodline members might compel Jey to return to SmackDown and support Roman Reigns.

Despite his dramatic exit from The Bloodline last year, Jey has emphasized that family comes before all. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Jey expressed his willingness to reunite with Roman and Jimmy to take down the new Bloodline. “Family fights all the time.

My answer would be, ‘Yeah, I would like to run a babyface Bloodline back, let alone against Solo Sikoa, and now it’s Tama Tonga and whoever else he wants to bring in.’ But I think the people would really dig seeing a civil war.” Jey’s return could add significant firepower to Roman’s efforts to reclaim The Bloodline.

1. Sami Zayn

An unexpected but popular candidate to join Roman Reigns in his battle against the new Bloodline is Sami Zayn. Known as The Honorary Uce, Sami became a beloved member of The Bloodline, earning the trust of Reigns and The Usos. Although he was eventually ousted and had a fierce rivalry with Roman, Sami’s friendship with Jey Uso remains strong.

Sami’s chemistry with The Bloodline was a highlight of his WWE career, and his presence added unique dynamics to the group. On the Out of Character podcast, Sami reflected on his time with The Bloodline, emphasizing the unplanned but perfect interactions that made the storyline compelling.

“Whatever vision I had in my head, it actually exceeded. There were so many gifts that land in your lap when you’re doing a story that the case of The Bloodline, a lot of it was stuff you couldn’t plan.

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