These teams are at the complete opposite side of the spectrum

Last few years have been like a rollercoaster ride for many clubs in European football. Many clubs have gone through a transition period in their season or during the season. Many teams are showing results after investing their few years in payers and few are struggling to find the perfect balance. Arsenal after showing trust in their manager Mikel Arteta’s investment in a team gave him a longer run as a manager, there are now leading the EPL table. Cristiano Ronaldo despite having a stellar record as a player, he had to shift his base to Saudi Arab, away from Europe.

When most of the big European clubs are cruising through a transition period, they are looking build a new team with players who can give maximum years in the team. In any team-building process player’s age is considered as the most important factor. Each and every look for a player and his years left in football or how many he can spend with one team. There are few interesting numbers when we look at the age factor in any club and who is investing in young legs and who is considering experience as a worthy signing. Let’s have a look at the numbers

Which team has the youngest squad in the European Leagues?

1. Stuttgart – 22.9 years average age

This Bundesliga club is way ahead than other in signing a new and giving them opportunities to play. Stuttgart’s average age is just 22.9 years. This in itself is a statement that the club prefers new talent as their first and main signings rather than giving experienced men a go at the club. Though, in the league performance they are currently languishing at the bottom in 16th position.

2. AS Monaco – 23. 7 years average age

3. US Lecce – 23.8 Years average age

4. Stade Rennais – 23.9 Years average age

5. Toulouse – 24.0 Years average age

6. Stade Reims – 24.1 Years average age

7. Torino – 24.3 Years average age

8. Lorient – 24.3 Years average age

9. Mainz – 24.4 Years average age

10. Wolfsburg – 24.5 Years average age

Which club has the oldest squad in the European League?

1. Sevilla -28.7 Years average age

As suggested in the stats most of the French clubs preferred giving youngsters a first go and teams in Spain look for experience. Sevilla with a 28.7 years average age squad suggests the same. Sevilla in Spanish LaLiga table have a poor 2022-23 season so far and currently on the verge of relegation. The Spanish side have proved themselves in big European events.

2. Real Betis – 28.7 Years average age

3. Cadiz – 28.5 Years average age

4. AC Ajaccio – 28.4 Years average age

5. Rayo Vallecano – 28.3 Years average age

6. Atletico Madrid – 28.2 Years average age

7. Elche – 28.0 Years average age

8. Villareal – 28.0 Years average age

9. Valladolid – 27.8 Years average age

10. Aston Villa – 27.8 Year average age

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