The Catalan club and the Red Devils have met only a fair amount of time in the European competition.

Barcelona’s mediocre Champions League performance caused them to be demoted to the Europa League, where they will meet Manchester United in the play-off round.

Since 1984, there has been a rivalry between Barcelona and Manchester United, and the two teams have frequently faced off in European championships. Despite playing in different leagues, they enjoy one of Europe’s fiercest rivalries.

Both clubs have produced world-class players, Barcelona with Lionel Messi, Eto’o, and Henry, and United with Rooney and Ronaldo, and these players went on to face each other in 2009 final.

Both clubs have frequently clashed, and their meetings have consistently created fascinating and occasionally intense matches. And in their two biggest games, which took place in the Champions League finals, Barcelona won both in 2009 and 2011.

With four goals against Manchester United, Lionel Messi has scored the most goals in this encounter.

Although both teams have previously faced each other in the Champions League, this will be the first time they meet in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday night at Camp Nou Stadium. United has only triumphed once in its last four games, with its most recent victory coming against Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals in 2008.

Last five head-to-head records

24 February 2023: Manchester United 2-1 Barcelona: Europa League

16 February 2023: Barcelona 2-2 Manchester United: Europa League

16 April 2019: Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United: Champions League

10 April 2010: Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona: Champions League

28 May 2011: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United: Champions League

27 May 2009: Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United: Champions League

Overall head-to-head record

Europa League

Matches: 2

Barcelona – 0

Manchester United – 1

Draws – 1

Champions League

Matches: 13

Barcelona: 6

Draws: 4

Manchester United: 3


Matches: 15

Barcelona: 6

Draws: 5

Manchester United: 4

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**This article was last updated on 24 Feburary 2023.