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Manchester United winger Antony under investigation by Sao Paulo court for domestic violence

Rajarshi ShuklaRajarshi Shukla

September 4 2023
Antony Manchester United

Antony has started in every Premier League game of the 2023–24 season.

As per OL Esporte, the Sao Paulo court is looking into allegations that Antony assaulted his former lover Gabriela Cavallin at home.

UOL provides access to pictures, videos, discussions, and witness statements that show Antony threatening people and assaulting them physically.

The bones of Gabriela’s fingers were damaged, as seen in one of the investigation’s recordings.

According to Gabriela Cavallin, Antony’s ex-girlfriend, the Manchester United winger flew into a jealous frenzy after liking posts that featured Neymar.

The 23-year-old’s ex-girlfriend has presented a long list of accusations about the alleged physical and psychological torture the Brazil international allegedly inflicted against her.

There is a description of how Antony barraged Gabriela with 13 disrespectful messages in the span of just 60 seconds inside those claims.

Additionally, he is alleged to have reacted violently when his international colleague appeared in a number of social media posts from Neymar’s close buddy Gil Cebola.

With images, screenshots from a phone, and accusations made against Antony available to Brazilian media UOL, Gabriela is presenting her case to the appropriate authorities.

It is asserted that Antony said the following regarding the Neymar saga:

“What I don’t understand is that everything Gil Cebola posted about Neymar you liked. Even though it’s an old photo. There’s even a commented photo.”

“I never want to see you in front of me again in my life. Ridiculous. Males can’t see. You’re disgusting. You still leave WhatsApp. Who’s there? What girls? Answer. Synic (sic). Destroyer of lives.”

Antony is said to have posted on another occasion: “It was already you and me. I hope you die, f*ck you. You even left WhatsApp, how disgusting are you really?”

Then it is discovered that Gabriela didn’t pick up when Antony tried to phone her.

According to reports, Antony is heard apologising and pleading for forgiveness in recordings that are now available to the public.

But there is evidence from eyewitnesses that he allegedly smashed Gabriela’s phone twice, according to those reports.

After a Sao Paulo police report was made, Antony issued an interview in June refuting the accusations against him.

However, Antony’s agent has said: “We are silent because there is an investigative process at a police station in São Paulo, Brazil. Several people that she named as witnesses are being heard. The investigative process requires great caution to ascertain the facts as carefully as possible.

Antony will not pronounce himself until justice has given his opinion about the case, which in our understanding is unfavorable to Gabriela. What can be observed is that she always appears in the media when she knows that she can affect Antony. “

An example of that was the day he was called up for the Brazilian national team, and now on the day of his presentation. But the exposed facts are the same ones that are being treated in the investigative process.”

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