The brothers have been involved in a controversy for the past few weeks.

Both Mathias Pogba and Paul Pogba have been involved in an ugly spat with wild accusations for the past few weeks. It has made headlines across the globe. The world of football has been shaken by the revelations from the controversy. And the wild back-and-forth allegations by the brothers against each other. The former Manchester United player Paul Pogba released a statement suggesting that he had been the victim of an extortion attempt involving none other than his brother Mathias.

Here is all one needs to know about the ugly brawl between the Pogba brothers, Paul and Mathias Pogba.

Mathias Pogba’s wild accusations

Before the aforementioned statement. Mathias Pogba published a video with threats to make revelations about Paul Pogba, his agent and lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, and Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe. He also said that Paul contacted an African witch. Taking the help of witchcraft. From the said religious figure known as Marabout to cast a spell on Mbappe and have the French international injured.

He has also said that Pogba used witchcraft to “neutralise” Mbappe during PSG’s 2019 UEFA Champions League clash against Manchester United, which the Red Devils famously won despite fielding a weaker squad owing to injuries.

Paul Pogba’s statement

The Juventus FC player clarified to the authorities that a group of men requested money for protection services supposedly rendered for 13 years. Post this and the initiation of a judicial investigation. Mathias was taken into custody alongside four others upon turning himself in, according to French media sources. The reports also suggested that Paul Pogba told police he was confronted by a gang including his brother. While he was on a trip to his hometown in Paris suburbs while on international duty.

Paul Pogba received Kylian Mbappe’s support in all of this. He said that he believes his teammates and is willing to take a backseat in this row for the sake of the French national team

New twist

In a recent twist, however, around 30 videos of Mathias Pogba reading face-to-camera from a statement many pages long were posted on Twitter. These may have been posted before he turned himself in for questioning. “If you are watching this video that will be because my brother Paul Pogba has found a way to silence me,” Mathias said in one of the recordings. In summary, Mathias Pogba accused his rich brother of abandoning his family, leaving them in poverty.

Furthermore, he revealed that the witch doctor hired by Paul Pogba is close to former France international Alou Diarra. And it was Serge Aurier who introduced the witch doctor to Paul Pogba. Mathias Pogba, through multiple twitter statements, goes on to suggest that his life is in danger. Also that many relatives of his “have already been assaulted and shot at” because of Paul Pogba.

The investigation regarding Paul Pogba being a target of an extortion plot by his brother Mathias Pogba and his childhood friends demanding 13 million euros is still ongoing.

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