They come once in a while but are nothing short of brilliant to experience.

Direct corner kick goals in football are rare but when they go in, they are a sight to behold. The ability to accurately curve the ball inwards to beat the goalkeeper from such a tight angle needs not only the incredible ability but buckets of courage as well.

As a budding footballer growing up, rarely does a coach teaches something like this, where the first and foremost thing taught is to deliver the ball in a dangerous area for the teammates to head it in. Therefore, it needs the presence of mind, the innovation and the ability to pull off a direct corner kick goal in football.

Toni Kroos recently scored a direct corner kick goal for Real Madrid in the semi-final against Valencia, which compels us to shift our focus towards some of the best corner kick goals by players of brilliant quality.

5. Michael Bradley (United States of America)

Michael Bradley has been a veteran for the USA and took matters into his own hands back in 2015 against Panama. His curling corner kick opened the scoring for his team, beating the keeper as the ball flew into the top corner leaving the fans amazed. Here’s a look back at that strike:

Direct Corner-Kick Goals: Michael Bradley’s goal for the United States Of America

4. Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)

Thierry Henry has scored some breathtaking goals in his long illustrious career for clubs like Arsenal and FC Barcelona. However, one of his best strikes came at a later stage in his career when the forward was plying his trade in the MLS for NY Red Bulls.

In a fixture against Columbus Crew back in 2012, the Frenchman saw the opposition goalkeeper in an advanced position from his line and decided to go for goal from a direct corner. The rest is a sight to behold:

Direct Corner-Kick Goals: Theirry Henry’s wonder strike for New York Red Bulls

3. Alvaro Recoba (Nacional)

The legendary Uruguayan playmaker, Alvaro Recoba, had a habit of scoring from corner kick situations and was deadly from free-kicks as well. The midfielder has scored some sensational goals directly from a corner kick and this strike against Liverpool later in his career, is up there with one of the best. Here’s a look:

Direct Corner-Kick Goals: Alvaro Recoba’s exceptional corner kick goal for Nacional

2. Artim Sakiri (Macedonia)

This swerving corner kick goal from Macedonia’s Artim Sakiri back in 2002 against England in the UEFA Euro 2004 qualifiers must have been one of the most memorable goals the midfielder scored in his career. The accuracy of the ball enabled it to escape the keeper and a player covering the far post, leading his teammates into wild celebrations. Have a look:

Direct Corner-Kick Goals: Revisiting Artim Sakiri’s corner kick goal against England

1. Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)

The latest corner kick goal to have been witnessed came recently from Toni Kroos, playing for Real Madrid against Valencia in the semi-final of the Supercopa de Espana. The German took matters into his hands when he found the goalkeeper forward from his goal line, arguing with the referee and curled the ball inside the back of the net with immaculate technique and accuracy. Here’s a look:

Direct Corner-Kick Goals: Toni Kroos mesmerising the crowd with his strike for Real Madrid