The youngster has also got a fan of himself in the club’s director of grassroots football, Amarildo Ribeiro.

Ronaldinho’s 14-year-old son Joao Mendes has signed a contract with the two-time Copa Libertadores winner Cruzeiro. The ‘training contract’ bind the 14-year-old with the club until he’s 19 years old.

Joao Mendes has been playing for Cruzeiro for quite some time and now seems to have impressed the Brazilian club enough to get himself a contract and stay for another five years with the club’s youth academy and later get ingrained into the first team.

Joao has also got a fan of himself in the club’s director of grassroots football, Amarildo Ribeiro. Amarildo was all but praises about the former Barcelona superstar’s son while talking about him with the club’s website post the penning down of the deal.

Amarildo praised the 14-year-old box-to-box midfielder who also got the skills of a second striker. The Cruzeiro boss counted all the attributes of Joao. He said, “Today, we signed the contract of Joao Mendes, who is a promising player with interesting characteristics and who, I believe, will soon be integrating with our professional team.”

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“He is a tall player with high technical quality. A player who can play both as a box player and as a second striker. He is a player who, even with his size, has speed and finishes very well.”

Mendes was adamant of getting the opportunity through and only through his own ‘hard-work’ and didn’t want anyone to know he actually was. The Blaugrana legend’s son refused to let anyone know about his superstar father and went through the entire first trials successfully impressing everyone.

Mendes is a huge fan of the club and its structure. He aspires to represent the first team in future and thanked the board for all the faith that they have put in him.

“It was the team that opened the door for me. I have a great affection for the club,” Mendes told the club’s official website.

“The training is very good, the structure is very good. It’s the biggest club in Brazil and it’s a pleasure to play here.”

“It’s a very happy day. Thanks to the board for the confidence you have given to me. I also thank God for me being able to play every day.”