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Here’s India vs Ghana’s Match Report: 

Valiant India go down to clinical Ghana, bow out of FIFA U-17 World Cup

IT’S FULL TIME AND THE SCORE IS 4-0 against the hosts. We’ll be back to you with the match report and what the coaches have to say about the game in a while. Go nowhere as India cheer for the bravehearts! 

89′ Brilliant display from the away side. They’ve made a lot of predictions come true as they dismantle the home side. 

87′ Probably the most harrowing performance from the Men in Blue at this World Cup. Tiredness, and last memory would keep affecting the team. Lalengmawia with another attempt, but is over. 



85′ We enter the last five minutes as India concede a third.

84′ Ghana have made 22 shots to India’s 4. Gulf of difference right there. Dheeraj’s brilliance has kept the Blue Tigers in the game. 

83′ The best passing India have done in the second half so far. Lalengmawia plays it to Komal on the left wing, and receives again after a cut in from the No. 17. Shoots, but is close to the right of the goalkeeper. Doesn’t create a lot of trouble for him. 

81′ Anwar tries to find Meetei on the right wing, but the ball is over the No. 7. Ghana, now, look content to sit back and hit on the counter as fans hope for a miracle. 

80′ Rahul makes an attempt, a shot from outside the box, but is straight at the goalkeeper. Good attempt from the Indian No. 17. 

79′ India continue to try and the public continue to cheer them on. 

77′ Lalengmawia is on for Aniket. 

THE NUMBERS HERE, TODAY, ARE MADDENING. 52, 614 people are here,cheering for both teams. 

76′ Komal looks dejected as he comes back to the Indian dugout. Lalengmawia looks to be coming on. 

75′ India attack from the right, as Boris and Meetei combine. The battle is physical and Boris loses out, concedes a throw in to Ghana. 

74′ Ghana come close again, as a player is bundled in the Indian box. A simple tap in is what the visitors needed, but the connection made was incomplete. 

73′ Dheeraj kicks another one, and No. 14, Owusu has been an absolute rock at the back. Aniket had no chance to receive the ball against him. 

71′ Aniket isn’t ready to give up, just yet! The No. 9 runs onto a long ball but is tackled strongly for a throw into India. Anwar loose possession after getting a pass from Suresh. 

70′ Ghana try to curl one onto the second post but fail miserably. India start from the back. 

69′ Ghana is now starting to warm up. They’ve not done it at half-time, showing their confidence in their physiques. 

68′ Stalin runs to the end and blocks an attempted cross as Rahul clears another for a throw in to Ghana. Matos hasn’t looked too positive in the first half and another Ghana player is down with a cramp.

67′ Cross comes in from the Ghana left back position, but Anwar and Jitendra deal with it in confident style. Dheeraj collects another from distance. 

66′ Another long distance potshot from Ghana, but is over Dheeraj’s net. The goalkeeper is furious over Rahim’s inability to press. Suresh steals a brilliant ball. 

65′ Meetei with a clearance to hand Ghana a corner. Curled in, low, by Boris, but not to safely. Jeakson dons the role of the protector. 

64′ Ghana is recycling possession and passing long balls to the wings. 


62′ If there’s apick for the tournament, it’s Dheeraj. Two saves in a minute, one of them is close to European standards. 

61′ Dheeraj with a goalkick after a failed attack from Ghana. Rahul and Jeakson are stealed off possession. Jeakson tries to finds Aniket with a through, but is intercepted. 

60′ Rahim Ali is set to come in for either Suresh or Jeakson. Rahul could also be on his way out. Stalin throws on from the left wing. Aniket fails to control it. 

58′ NAOREM MAKES WAY FOR MEETEI. Ghana attack once again, but is blocked and dispossessed by Meetei. Influencing the game straight after coming on. 

57′ Meetei looks to be coming on for the right winger. Meetei will add speed to the attack. Questions for Komal rise again in the media box. 

55′ The crowd is a little numb as it looks, and it must be the feeling. They know it’s a big mountain. Naorem is down. 

54′ A Ghana player is down as the camera zooms in on Amarjit. He knows he’ll need to do something extraordinary to make it to the quarters. 


52′ The ball comes in with a cross, and Dheeraj is happy to collect it. Sends it long as Rahul tries to nutmeg a Ghanaian defender. 

51′ Ghana run to the right wing, send in a cross that is stopped by Stalin and then, Amarjit does the rest of the clearing for a throw in to the visitors. 

50′ Ghana go for another attack, but are stopped by another offside. 

49′ Ayiah tries to make a run in the box, but the ball is a little too heavy for him. 

48′ Jitendra has just taken Dheeraj’s goalkick. The No. 1 looks to have been attacked by the first half injury. 

47′ Yellow card to Ibrahim for debating with the ref as India get a free kick in their own half. The numbers should be pushed forward. 

47′ Early momentum as Rahul tries to find Aniket with a lobbed ball forward. Another foul on Stalin by Ayiah and Anwar sends it in the orbit. 

46′ Ghana start the proceedings from left to right. India will try and continue the early momentum. Matos looks despondent and hopeful at the same time. Mixed feelings, and pretty obvious. This could’ve been India’s last huddle at the World Cup. Let’s see how the next 45 pans out. 

21:03 Have we mentioned the Mexican wave yet? No, because it just started. The boys walk back to the centre, both teams t the same time as Sanjeev and Jeakson get the last messages from Matos. We’re set for a thrilling second half.

21:02 The substitutes are walking back to the dugouts. Expected substitutions, friends? Rahim on for Aniket? Komal on for Naorem/Rahul? We’ll have to wait and see. Dheeraj’s continuation has given Matos that extra one substitution he can use. The Ghana coach has just walked out to the centre. 

Will they, won’t they? Even if they don’t, India have certainly proven that they belong at the stage. The boys have player their hearts out and have displayed ever y inch of passion they can embody. The finishing, though, has been questionable. 

Have the crowd given up? Certainly not! The numbers maintain in tune with the hopes. The ground management team is preparing it for the second half as Komal continues to play one touch passes with Shah Jahan. 

HALFTIME: The game, so far, can be easily divided in two halves of domination. The first 25 minutes belonged to the hosts while Ghana came back for the next 20. The visitors scored one too, to take the lead. India, though, have shown flashes of brilliance. Naorem’s composure and Anwar’s resoluteness is a sight to behold as the Blue Cubs try to win this. 

45+2′ Anwar with another sliding stop as the ball is out for a Ghanaian corner. Curled in, headed over for half time. 

45+2′ Naorem displaying immesne sensibility and calmness, controlling possession and passing it well even in the defensive half. Such cool controllers of the ball are seldom seen in the Indian framwork. 

45+2′ Stalin to Jitendra, who lets a header fly from outside the box. Is just wide and over. Ghana start from the back. 

45+1′ India wins another freekick as Al Hassan is shown the yellow for a fould on Aniket. 

45′ Dheeraj makes another save from point-blank range! Ghana controlling the game now and the half time couldn’t come earlier. Right positioning from the No. 1. 

44′ Ghana come calling again, but this time, there’s no one to receive a cross that’s a little wider. Dheeraj with a sigh of relief. The crowd will be back with an encore, we’re certain. 

43′ INDIA CONCEDE, with CAPTAIN AYIAH BEING THE HERO FOR GHANA. Low cross in, Dheeraj clears in the central area, is converted. 

43′ Dheeraj restart and Jeakson proves his physique with a good header. 

42′ Ghana try to score with a lob from the left, but the ball is out. Dheeraj was off his line for a clearance. 

41′ The fans are cheering Dheeraj chants, knowing it helps him get motivated. He’s set to continue and that erupts the roof! 

If Dheeraj fails to continue, Prabhsukhan Gill will most probably replace him under the bar. India have about five minutes to open the scoring. The No. 1 is standing again. 

39′ Corner to Ghana, cleared by Rahul. They shoot from distance, but send it back to Ghana as Al Hassan knows he can do better. Dheeraj, meanwhile, is down with a spasm. 

38′ Ghana create, but Boris stalls again! The No. 2 has been on fire ever since he’s back from suspension. Suresh, too , has shown flashes of his power and intelligence. Anwar with two clearances consecutively. 

37′ Another long ball from over the top is collected easily by India. Anwar’s long ball finds Aniket, but he’s stealed off possession in the opposition box. 

36′ Naorem beats two but fails to beat the third as India pile on the aggressor. Boris, too, makes a darting run in the opposition half and wins a throw in. 

35′ THE PLAYERS SKIES IT AND THE CROWD BOOS IT! Dheeraj re-start the game with a goal kick. 

33′ Free kick to Ghana as Boris is shown the yellow for a high-boot clearance. Very difficult area to deal in. 

32′ Ghana throw-in from the left after Naorem’s bringing down a winger is ignored by the ref. Naorem makes another clearance.  

31′ The game’s stopped for a break. India re-start it with a Boris throw from the half right line. 

30′ Dheeraj builds another one with a long kick from the ball. Suresh and a Ghana midfielder try to rise, and the Ghana player is down. 

29′ Boris steals possession, plays it to Naorem, who plays it on to Suresh. Suresh passes to his captain, who tries to find Aniket, but is wideout for a throw-in. 

28′ Ghana growing, and play it out from the back. The channels are being used very sparsely, as they fear being offside. Aniket tries to pressurise the last line, but is pushed away. 

27′ Jeakson plays on a Dheeraj goalkick with a header. Jitendra tries to stop an attack, but miscues. Stalin with a superb clearance.! Ghana’s Gyamfi lets one flying, but is slightly over! They’re not sitting back. 

26′ Dheeraj with another long throw.Close to the opposition goal! The boy’s got power in his hands and his saves prove that too. 

25′ India pressing higher up, as Aniket looks at chances. Anwar blocks a one-on-one. We see fringes of Nemanja Vidic in him. 

24′ Cross comes in from the left for Ghana, is well over for a throw from Sanjeev Stalin. 

23′ Goalkick comes in from Dheeraj. Boris can’t get to a ball in the first encounter, but clears it in the second attempt. Good defending. 

22′ Aniket tries to run on with a long ball, but is brought down, albeit in a right way. Ghana with a shot from distance, but is over. Dheeraj will make it very difficult for the opposition. 

21′ Dheeraj makes an interesting save to push the ball out for a corner to Ghana. The attack came in from the right. India defending in zones, and Stalin comes up with a clean clearance. 

20′ Naorem, if not more, has already showcased at least six-seven dribbles. Boris with a left-footed shot, cannot connect it well, is collected easily. 

19′ Ghana building from the back, slowing things down. Amarjit ensures there’s no threat, with an easy foul to stop the play. 

The BLUE CUBS ARE PLAYING THEIR HEARTS OUT AGAINST GHANA and have come close twice already. Naorem and Rahul have been Cheeky, beautiful and brilliantly capable. 

17′ A Ghana player is down and is receiving treatment. Not something you’ll see everyday, but good initiative from India, who know it’s a do-or-die. 

16′ Stalin throws it in, as India contine to apply pressure .The way the lads have featured against the Africans is commendable. Suresh’s presence is doing the team a world of good. 

15′ Stalin standing over it. Curled in by the right foot, the ball is kicked out for a throw in. 

14′ Curled from the left, cleared by Dheeraj. India on the counter. Ghana need to tackle to stop the winger. FREE kick to India in an interesting position. 

13′ Matos is trying to calm down his players as Naorem takes two Ghana players for a ride. Anwar clears it well. Free kick to Ghana as Aniket lambs into a Ghana defender. 

12′ India win a throw in, but condede possession. 

11′ Anwar playing for his life, as he slides in to stop another attack from the mighty Africans. Corner to the Ghana side. Well blocked after a well-worked move from the visitors. 

10′ Another attempt to attack, another offside for Ghana. They need to restrict their runnings!

10′ Ghana attack on the counter, but are offside again. India look to be playing the Highline today. Anwar and Jitendra’s positioning are the key today if they have to defend well. 

09′ There’s a zip in Amarjit, who’s playing way higher than he regularly does. India win a free-kick, and Stalin is curling it in. Suresh sends it back after being defended. but is cleared again. 

08′ Free kick to Ghana as Boris brings down a player. No .20 Gyamfi sends on in from the left wing, but is coolly collected by Dheeraj. Chants for the No. 1 are on. 

07′ A senior journalist just told us that India should slow down the pace. It can be their downfall, as it’s not their strength. 


05′ Stalin with a clean tackle to push a Ghana attack off. The No. 5 has been one of the strongest players on the pitch for the Blue Tigers. 

05′ This is probably the fastest game in terms of tempo played at this World Cup so far! 

04′ Suresh to Aniket, who goes on a solo run on the right wing. Crosses, but is a little heavy. The hosts have made their intent clear. Colombia, in Mumbai, have scored one already against the US. 

03′ Crazy scenes, we tell you! The sky’s here on the earth! Dheeraj throws a long one to Aniket but is blocked. 

02′ Naorem places it, but is saved by the goalie. Meanwhile, Anwar does what he does best. Stop Ghana’s attack. 

01′ India start the proceedings, and win a corner in the first minute of their final group game! Attack from the word go. 

19:59 The game is set to begin!

19:58 India is playing from left to right. The final huddles are being done and there’s crazy noise in the amphitheatre.

19:55 Amarjit, who’s back from an injury,  knows this is difficult, but not impossible. The pride and confidence is what he’s getting fed by the massive crowd. Time for the National Anthem. 

19:53 The flags are out and FIFA’s story of ‘My Game is Fair Play’ is what the game is all about! The phone lights cheer and promote and motivate the team as they walk out for the most difficult game in their short and young history. 

19:50 The Indian team has walked out, and the crowd has gone berserk. Amarjit leads it, as always, and there’s hope, there’s pride, and there’s an excitement in the hearts of the spectators. Just two goals, and a little hope that Colombia loses by a margin of three, and we’re on the cusp of history. 

19:49 The ‘We Can, We Will’ poster emboides what every Indian fan hopes today as the #FIFAU17WC is brought out. 

19:48 We hope the boys are in their best shape and we get a positive game on the field. An Indian goal in the opening minutes would set the right stage for an enthralling encounter. 

19:45 With 15 minutes to go, we give you a round up of the first game of today. Mali and Paraguay have both won with a 3-1 score line against New Zealand and Turkey respectively. The first two teams are through to the Round of 16. 

19:40 If you thought the crowd’s not coming, you got in all wrong. It’s massive here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi!

19:32 The teams are walking out, going back to the dressing room for getting ready for another war. Ghana look composed and calm, while India look excited as well as motivated. 

19:30 Some reports suggest Komal is carrying a knock, but the way he’s been warming up in the last two games, it doesn’t look that way. 

19:28 Is it about the physical condition of Komal or something else that is keeping him away from the starting XI? Leave your opinions in the comment section below. 

19:26 Last games’ star Jeakson Singh has talked about his feelings before the game. 

Read it here: I felt on cloud nine when I scored India’s first goal at any FIFA World Cup: Jeakson Singh

19:25 With close to half an hour left, just a quick look at the preview of the game. Learn how India can go all the way to the Round of 16!

Can India do it on a warm, breezy night in Delhi against African bullies Ghana?

19:23 Can Aniket open the scoring? It would be a massive kick to the National team! 

19:22 Rahul, who wasn’t given much of a chance before the first game, is in the starting XI on as the right-central forward and it is certainly a chance he’s won with his performances. Abhijit’s dropping to the bench can be a case of tiredness. 

19:21 Is Anwar at the best of his health, or is he pushing himself way too much for the tri-colour? With the kind of display he’s put in against Colombia, it’s not every day you see such a terrific and electric show from a central defender. India certainly need him against the African heavyweights. 

19:20 Ghana Starting XI: Ibrahim (GK), Arko-Mensah, Yakubu, Ayiah, Sulley, Leveh, Owusu, Mensah, Al Hassan, Sadiq Ibrahim, Gyamfi

19:18 Can and will Jeakson do it two-in-two? It’s very important for the home side that the sturdy midfielder does an encore. 

19:17 A lot of fans are still disappointed, with no Komal in the starting line up. To those fans, let the coach decide whats best for the team. They came close against Colombia, we too hope they can go all the way. 

19:15 India is certainly playing a 4-3-3 formation, and it is interesting as well as a prerogative for having that physical ability of Suresh and Jeakson. Amarjit will provide the security to Anwar and Jitendra, who is making a comeback to the starting XI after being replaced by Namit in the last games. 

19:10 INDIAN STARTING XI: Dheeraj, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, Sanjeev, Amarjit, Suresh, Jeakson, Naorem, Rahul, Aniket

18:30 Hello and welcome to the Live commentary of the most awaited game. It’s the hosts, India, taking on Ghana in their third game of the FIFA U-17 World Cup and this is your host Punit Tripathi coming to you LIVE from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in New Delhi.