The win sees the capital club take a three-point lead.

Lonestar Kashmir lost against Delhi United 3-0 in an I-League Second Division match played earlier at Ambedkar Stadium. It was totally a one-sided affair as Lonestar were unable to score a single shot in their favour.

In the beginning of the first half, Delhi threatened to score but with his tremendous keeping skills Lonestar keeper Ummed Nat saved several times. Soon after, Lonestar defender Arun Nagial let go of an easy chance to open the scoring and sent the ball over the net.

The first goal came for Delhi in the 17th minute when Md. Shahjahan scored from the penalty spot. With this goal United opened the scoring. Three minutes later, Delhi could have doubled their0 lead, but Akshay missed the opportunity to send the ball in the net.

Delhi United got another chance in the 29th minute of the match when Sunny Thakur found himself in the right place and scored through the keeper’s legs. In the last 10 minutes of the first half, Kashmir lost the chance to make a comeback when the goal was saved amazingly by Bickyson, Delhi United’s keeper. At the end of first half the score read 2-0.

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The second half saw a more dominant Kashmir roaring for a goal to come back into the game, but they failed to do much harm to the confident Delhi United. In the 71th minute, Delhi’s Rung Singh netted home the third goal with a clean finish to topple any hopes of Kashmir’s comeback.