The Indians put in a decent performance, with some even being involved in the crucial moments of the game.

Jamshedpur FC defeated Mumbai City in their first game of the Indian Super League, courtesy of goals from Mario Arques and Pablo Morgado. While the home team came with almost a full strength side, Jamshedpur had three senior players not involved in the game. However, the travellers still stamped their authority onto the game and earned themselves all three points. With the loss in the opening game, Mumbai’s misery at home looks set to continue this campaign as well.

Watch: Mumbai City 0-2 Jamshedpur highlights

Khel Now brings to you the ratings of the Indian players from the two sides:

Mumbai City

Amrinder Singh – 6.0

Watch: Amrinder Singh’s brilliant save

Amrinder wasn’t called much into action throughout the game except for the header through which Jamshedpur scored their opening goal. He was comfortable with receiving passes from his teammates, but could have done better while defending the goal.

Subhasish Bose – 6.0

The India U-23 captain was solid in defence, but was beaten once and his team had to pay for it with them conceding a goal. Apart from his part in the goal, the full-back was at times out of position, leaving ample space for Jerry Mawhingthana to create problems for Mumbai.

Souvik Chakrabarti – 4.0

Souvik was out of position and allowed Carlos Calvo to make the goal scoring cross inside the Mumbai defence. The right-back also slipped once in the second half almost costing his side a second. The booking added insult to injury. The full-back has to better his performances in the coming games.

Mohammed Rafique – 6.5

Watch: Rafique’s ruled out goal

Rafique was calm and composed with the ball and distributed the it well. HJowever, the Indian international midfielder didn’t get much help from his teammates and was unlucky to have his goal disallowed. Much better performances await the Mumbai City fans from him.

Sanju Pradhan – 4/10

Watch: Sanju Pradhan’s beautiful through-pass

Sanju had a mixed game for Mumbai. While he created two of the best goalscoring chances of Mumbai, he was let down by his decision making, at times, in the attacking third. A pass to the wrong player, poor final pass after a good run – Sanju has got to do better or deserves to be benched.

Bipin Singh – 6.0

Bipin missed what could have been the deadlock brea,’;ker of the game. The youngster was, otherwise happy, tirelessly helping his teammates by tracking back and defending deep when the team was not in possession of the ball. Like many of his teammates, has to do better.


Pranjal Bhumij – 6.5

Lightning fast as always, Pranjal could have scored a goal, but the shot was saved well.

Raynier Fernandes – 6.5

Raynier came in to replace Sanju and did a much better job than him. His movement off the ball was pristine and laudable.

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Jamshedpur FC

Subhasish Roy Chowdhury – 6.0

The referees saved the day for Jamshedpur and their keeper Subhasish as he was beaten twice, but both goals were disallowed. If he doesn’t better his performances, he will struggle to get playing minutes when Subrata Paul comes back.

Raju Gaikwad – 4.5

Raju showed Mumbai City fans why they were right to sell him. Miserable in defence and sloppy in passing, he almost cost his side a goal because of his misjudged attempt at passing the ball.

Raju Mangang -6.0

A decent performance from the right-back keeping in check the runs of Bipin and also helping his side while going forward. Raju was replaced by Karan Anim to help his side defend against pacey youngster Pranjal.

Bikash Jairu – 7.0

The left-back defended well and was in the attacking build-up on the left flank and contributed well upfront. He has shown tremendous improvement in his gameplay from the previous season.

Sumeet Passi – 7.0

Watch: Moment of the match – Sumit Passi offside

Sumeet helped his forward teammates well in the attack and was involved in the build-up of both of his side’s goals. A decent performance from the Indian international. His only regret would be missing a sitter in the second half.

Jerry Mawhmingthanga – 7.0

Jerry had a decent game and helped the team while going forward and while defending at the back. Four clearances for the forward speaks for itself. The youngster was replaced by Mobashir Rahman.


Karan Anim – NA

Karan wasn’t involved much in the game and had only four touches of the ball.

Mobashir Rahman – 5/10

Mobashir had a decent game keeping a 67% passing accuracy in the final 20 minutes of play.