The Italian tactician won 11 titles in his five-year stay at Juventus.

Massimiliano Allegri has provided an update regarding his future course of action as he is yet to take up any managerial position after his stint with Juventus. There have been murmurs and rumours regarding Allegri joining many prominent clubs, but this is what he had to say about this particular issue.

The Italian said, “After my experience at Juventus, Giovanni Branchini and I decided to take a year off. I played for eighteen years, coached for sixteen more, I took a year off after working thirty-four. I’m happy, I had some time to ponder things, talk to people, look after myself. I went to the theatre, some art exhibits and read some books.”

Talks were doing the rounds that Allegri was interested in Arsenal’s job and hence he was taking English lessons for the same. Regarding this, Allegri remarked, “English? I’m working on it. I would like to speak it well, sometimes I have a hard time understanding conversations.”

“If I read a book or watch a movie in English I don’t have any problems. Next season will be very important, I’m working to prepare myself, a year off after five at Juventus. I don’t want to return and not live up to expectations,” said the Italian manager to Gianluca Di Marzio.

Massimiliano Allegri had immense domestic success with Juventus as his side won five Serie A titles but the failure to notch a European title meant that they decided to move on and hired Maurizio Sarri. Since then, several clubs have reportedly been interested in Allegri.

Manchester United could be one of the clubs edging to acquire Massimiliano Allegri’s services given Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s inconsistent record over the course of last one year.

However, ever since Tottenham Hotspur sacked Mauricio Pochettino, even United’s interest in Allegri has seemed to rather cool down as such. Arsenal dismissed Unai Emery and they have a project that could particularly interest the former Juventus’ manager.

The Gunners have been struggling at the back and the Italian could help them fix that whilst also implementing a more pragmatic approach to the team that could help them earn the necessary points from delicate situations.

On the other hand, Massimiliano Allegri could also be looking at one of the top clubs in Italy to vacant their manager’s post in the upcoming six months and then pounce upon that job as soon as the opportunity arises. As of now, one can establish nothing concrete as to where he would head to at the start of next season.