Midfielder Fernandinho is also in line to return to action before the FA Cup final against Watford on Saturday.

To the delight of City fans, Kevin De Bruyne is in contention to feature in his side’s final day fixture at Brighton and Hove Albion while on the other hand Fernandinho is believed to return in time before the FA Cup final against Watford.

De Bruyne is back in the training and has had two sessions of training. Although it seems highly unlikely of him playing the final title decider fixture of the Premier League, the Belgian midfielder will certainly be a part of the FA Cup final, even if it’s through an appearance from the bench.

Pep Guardiola’s men are cruising towards the title with each passing matchday, and are fortunate to have the fate on their own hands. A win in the Brighton game would mean Pep Guardiola will retain the Premier League trophy.

And that is what has made Guardiola not get distracted much about what the results of the other games are, especially of Liverpool’s. He said, “Honestly it’s better to focus on what we do.

“If we win we don’t have to look at anything else. Why should we be distracted by anything else?”

Manchester City turned on the heat after yet another misfortune for Liverpool made them drop points game after game in the league allowing the men from Manchester leapfrog them at the top. Since then, City has won every game in the league they have played, the number being 12 to be specific.

Guardiola sees it as yet another dream run by his side especially after that miraculous act of resurgence. He said, “It’s a dream to be here,” said Guardiola. “I didn’t expect, when we were seven points behind this Liverpool, to be in the position we are now. That’s why it’s a dream come true.


“We showed many things, of course now is not the moment to say how good we have done. We have the chance to be champions if we win. That’s what we have to do.”

Some serious records have been shattered by Guardiola and co. in pulling off this miracle and Liverpool have been a far better competitor than anyone else has been in the modern era of the Premier League. There have been a change in teams at the top 32 times this season – a new record.

Also, it would be the first time for a team to lose the title even after securing 90 plus points. Guardiola sees at it as a privilege to be a part of such competition.

“We are in this position because we won a lot of games, 13 in a row, we have to win one more in the Premier League and that is what we have to do,” he said.

“I see the team relaxed, training good, smiling a lot, completely focused on the pitch or in meetings.

“Anything can happen in the game and one mistake of our side or one incredible performance from the opponent, one mistake from the referee can decide the title.

“That’s why we have to be more precise in all the aspects we are working with these last three years and try to win the game.”