The former Manchester United defender also opined that Manchester United’s transfer philosophy under Sir Alex Ferguson was like a ‘conveyor belt.’

Gary Neville has indicated that the transfer philosophy of Pep Guardiola is very similar to the one Sir Alex Ferguson used in his 25-year reign as Manchester United manager.

Guardiola has obviously earned a lot of spending power since arriving at Manchester City, making a complete turnover of the squad he inherited. He’s since made a number of useful signings which helped the Citizens become back-to-back Premier League champions over the last few seasons.

Gary Neville has explained how his transfer model is similar to Sir Alex Ferguson’s philosophy in terms of knowing which players to buy and which to sell off once they were well past their best.

“He very rarely ventured into the world of buying the complete star, and it’s not far off Pep Guardiola’s tactic with Manchester City right now,” he told Sky Sports.

“In terms of selling players, he would get rid when they either weren’t good enough, or when he felt they were questioning his control. He was ruthless on that. In all of his interviews, he talks about control, authority, discipline.”

“United’s strategy was like a very slow conveyor belt. A few would come in, and a few would leave. Never more than a handful each season, never a massive adaptation of the squad. It was controlled, with six or seven young players, 10 in the middle, and three or four that were in their 30s. Every club that has had a dynasty has had that stability of players,” Gary Neville further added.

Guardiola has completed revolutionized City’s transfer methods, making 33 signings (including free deals) and selling 30 players during his period with the Citizens.

It’s this kind of ruthlessness which has helped him enjoy a dominant spell with City, who have clinched two Premier League titles, an FA Cup, three Carabao Cup titles and also two Community Shield victories.

Pep, of course, faced off with Sir Alex a number of times when he was still Barcelona manager, losing the first faceoff when United defeated the Spanish side in the semi-finals of the 2007/08 UEFA Champions League title.

However, the Spaniard got his revenge afterwards as Barca defeated the Red Devils twice in the 2008/09 and 2010/11 Champions League finals to deny the Scotsman a third European title with United.

City are now expected to have a busy summer transfer window after being way off in the Premier League title race from Liverpool and Guardiola is perhaps going to make some big changes for next season.