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Top 10 players with most headed goals in Premier League history

Published at :August 15, 2022 at 6:49 PM
Modified at :August 15, 2022 at 6:50 PM
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These individuals have an edge over others when it comes to scoring with their head.

There are many ways to score a goal in football. One of the hardest techniques is scoring with your head. While it looks simple from a spectator’s point of view, it is a tough skill to master. Years of training are needed for a professional to develop their heading ability which helps them in defensive and attacking situations at the same time.

Heading the ball is a skill which also requires honing many other qualities such as jumping, reading the trajectory of the ball and more. One must also receive quality delivery of the ball in order to score from the head. Furthermore, connecting with the ball with precision is a must in order to beat the goalkeeper and find the back of the net.

Focusing on the Premier League, there have been several iconic players, exceptional at scoring headed goals. Here is a look at the top 10 players with the most headed goals in the English top-flight:

10. Christian Benteke - 31

Christian Benteke came to the Premier League in 2012 and left in 2022 after signing for DC United in the MLS. He played for Aston Villa, Liverpool and Crystal Palace during that time. In 280 appearances, he scored 86 times out of which 31 were goals from his head.

9. Tim Cahill - 31

Tim Cahill
Cahill made a total of 278 appearances for Everton (Courtesy: Transfermarkt)

Tim Cahill came to England in 1997 after signing for Millwall. The legendary Australian became popular following a move to Everton in 2004. He played there for eight years and earned a reputation for scoring with his head. Out of 56 goals in the Premier League, more than half (31) were from his head alone.

8. Olivier Giroud - 32

Olivier Giroud was an exceptional finisher who had a knack for scoring fabulous goals. He was particularly impressive in the air and scored 32 goals during his time in the Premier League. The Frenchman played for Arsenal and Chelsea across 255 appearances. In total, he had 90 goals in England. He currently plays for AC Milan.

7. Teddy Sheringham - 36

Teddy Sheringham was a very lethal striker during his playing days. The former English international won the Premier League three times with Manchester United. He was a superb finisher and had 36 goals with his head. He scored 146 goals in the league across 418 appearances.

6. Duncan Ferguson - 36

Duncan Ferguson was 1.93m tall and a nuisance for the defenders in the box. The forward scored 36 goals from his head. The 50-year-old was a major figure at Everton both as a player and a coach. Today, the Scotsman is without a club but is remembered for his 1995 FA Cup win with the Toffees.

5. Dwight Yorke - 38

Headers premier league
Yorke recorded 123 goals in the Premier League (Courtesy: Manchester United)

Dwight Yorke was a complete striker who could score with his right, left and head with ease. A three-time Premier League winner with Manchester United, he also won the UEFA Champions League winner and the FA Cup with the Red Devils. He had 375 appearances in the league for teams like Aston Villa, Blackburn, Birmingham City, and

in addition to MUFC. Out of 123 goals, 38 came from his head.

4. Les Ferdinand - 40

Another iconic forward in the Premier League, Les Ferdinand scored many goals with his head. In total, the former English international scored 40 goals from his head while his overall count in the league stands at 149 in 348 outings. He played for multiple teams in the top-flight including the likes of Tottenham, Newcastle United, West Ham United and more.

3. Dion Dublin - 45

Dion Dublin is third in the list of all-time leading scorers with the head in the history of the Premier League. He managed 45 goals from the head in his playing days where he represented teams like Manchester United, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Norwich and more. He is also a two-time PL winner with MUFC. 

2. Alan Shearer - 46

Alan Shearer
Alan Shearer scored a record 282 goals in the Premier League (Courtesy: Newcastle United)

The all-time leading goalscorer with 260 goals in the Premier League, Alan Shearer scored 46 from his head alone. The former Newcastle United and Blackburn player is regarded as one of the best English strikers ever. A three-time golden boot winner in the league, he also won the competition once with Blackburn in 1995.

1. Peter Crouch - 53

Peter Crouch was popular for his tall height. Standing tall at 2.01m, the striker was a major threat in aerial situations. Out of his 106 goals in the league, 53 were headed goals, which is the highest number for an individual player. He made 466 appearances in the PL, playing for various teams like Tottenham, Liverpool and more.