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Manchester United’s Old Trafford named amongst Premier League’s most dangerous grounds

Published at :April 18, 2024 at 11:38 PM
Modified at :April 18, 2024 at 11:39 PM
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Rajarshi Shukla

Chelsea and Manchester United stadiums have recorded many bad incidents during games

Manchester United and Chelsea top the list of Premier League’s most dangerous grounds, according to report.

At Chelsea, a steward was given a pint of beer by a ‘kind’ fan after a spark from a flaming flare struck his eye, while a cook at Manchester United was left sick and bewildered’ after hitting a malfunctioning light switch and receiving an electric shock.

A Freedom of Information request uncovered other events that happened at Premier League venues over a period of a year, among which the two mentioned above are just two.

A senior prom teenager sliding bottom first down the bannister and collapsing backwards, fans fracturing bones falling down phases, and a ball guy breaking a wrist are all included.

‘He burnt the end of his finger and felt the current travel up his arm and across his chest,’ the report added. ‘He felt sick for a while and confused’. 

Data indicates The Health and Safety Executive received five reports of incidents from United and Chelsea’s home stadiums, placing them at the top of the table.

According to the story, the Old Trafford “senior” cook hit a button in the kitchen that was missing its cap by accident. There was a “loud bang” as a result of his finger striking a live fuse.

When a medic showed up, the chef’s ECG and blood pressure were recorded. He went back to work after the results were satisfactory. The faulty button was isolated, and a qualified electrician was contacted.

Another Old Trafford worker suffered from smoke inhalation when supporters demonstrating against the club’s ownership set off smoke bombs and flares near the turnstiles.

The worker got sick and began throwing up while wearing an oxygen mask before being sent to the hospital. In another instance, a carpenter attempting to fit an additional door at the stadium drilled through his own thumb.

The steward in question first instructed the supporter to put down the flare, but two people at Stamford Bridge suffered slip injuries as they fled the pitch.

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