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Top five highlights from first-ever edition of F1 Miami GP

Published at :May 7, 2023 at 10:55 PM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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(Courtesy : Twitter/@F1)

Anurag Kanjani

The star-studded paddock full of celebrities was certainly a first in the race's history.

The first-ever Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix took place in May 2022, and it did not disappoint, as the pinnacle of motorsport was in the home of Hollywood it provided the fans with some fantastic racing and unforgettable moments. Here are the top five most memorable moments from the Inaugural edition of the Miami GP.

1. Max Verstappen Wins Inaugural Miami GP

Max Verstappen of Red Bull won the race, becoming the first-ever winner of the Miami Grand Prix. It was a significant moment for Verstappen, who continued his impressive form from the start of the season. The Dutchman had to fight hard to secure the victory, fending off his childhood friend and competitor Charles Leclerc from Ferrari.

Verstappen started the race from third place but soon took the lead. However, Leclerc, who had started on pole initially, was never far behind, and he put pressure on Verstappen as the race progressed. In the end, Verstappen managed to hold off both the Ferrari drivers to take the victory, crossing the line with a 3-second distance ahead.

2. The Fake/Marina Beach Club

It was no surprise to see beaches in Miami but what struck everyone’s eyes was the beach-themed infrastructure on the inside of the racetrack. The fake beach had no water but a realistic look of wavy water with an expanse of plywood covered in sea-blue tarpaulin. It had real boats docked in as stands for the fans and spectators.

For viewers across the globe, it was a tough distraction from the race time as everyone took an adverse time to realise that it was a setup as it never really looked particularly busy, probably understandably given admission passes costing thousands of dollars. But, overall, it looked a lot of fun and was typically a Miami thing.

3. Best of the Celebrities

It was a star-studded race off the tracks as well, as the Miami GP 2022 witnessed a lot of celebrity sightings and paparazzi buzz throughout the race weekend. Miami being the home of celebrities attracted a lot of stars, right from the likes of music stars like DJ Khaleed, Pharrell Williams to the Hollywood sensations like Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher.

The all-time sporting legends David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Michael Brady, and Serena Williams were also spotted in the paddock taking away all the stardom of the drivers. It was a complete takeover by the celebrities to make Miami GP all hyped up.

4.  Verstappen’s escort to the podium

With Max taking the win and the fastest lap of the first-ever Miami GP he puts himself into the history books. The management of the Miami GP ensured the hype of the achievement as the podium celebration was way different than the normal one. A short climb up with some steps towards the podium for the trophy ceremony? Not in Miami. Not when you can ride on a golf buggy flanked by two police outriders with sirens wailing and blue lights flashing.

Yes, the Miami GP management escorted the champion through to the podium in a convoy of golf carts with two police officers clearing the traffic in the front and giving his cart all the attraction on his route to take the podium, while the other two drivers patiently chatted down to the spot.

5. Mercedes Porpoising

The Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, both reported experiencing the porpoising effect during the race, which according to them affected the stability and made it difficult to control. The team initially suspected that the issue was related to the car's suspension, but later discovered that it was caused by a specific aerodynamic component on the car.

The component in question was a new aerodynamic feature that Mercedes had introduced for the Miami GP. The team believed that it would provide an advantage in terms of straight-line speed, but it turned out to be the opposite. The team believed the component’s effect resulted in a loss of performance for both drivers.

Overall, the Miami GP, taking place for the first time on the calendar, was a fancy race weekend experience for all the stakeholders as the drama not only unfolded on the track but also in the paddock with all stars around, ensuring entertainment for all for the upcoming seasons as well.