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India U-19 versus Garhwal FC: Live Updates

Written by: Punit Tripathi


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06:34 PM Final whistle. No goals in the second half as India wins it 1-0. A lot remains to be done better as the forward line looks almost absent with Rahim and Aniket. Amarjit isn't in the pink of his health.

De Matos acknowledges the crowd and the opposition as the players walk out. Good, positive game for training. Average in terms of intensity. Good enough in terms of getting the rhythm back.

06:32 PM Aniket receives a beautifully weighted ball from Suresh, makes a run but his second touch ditches him. Poor contact. 

06:28 PM Another corner to India with Meetei and Princeton trying shots on target. Well blocked.

06:26 PM Amal tries to find Meetei with a long ball down the right wing, but is overą„¤ Corner to India as Rahim and Naorem create one chance. Roshan curls the corner to the second post, and Ashish tries to volley it on the jump. Poor connection.

06:24 PM Aniket and Rahim have swapped positions. Aniket is playing the no. 10 or the second striker role. Will that do any good? These strikers, honestly, do not look the part. Bodo and Edmund were so fluent in the first half.

Rahim takes one from Princeton, turns and plays it to Aniket outside the box. The striker beats one, and shoots but is just side for a goal kick.

06:22 PM The ball carriage out of the box and half is pretty good, but in the attacking third, it is agonizingly poor. No hard guesses why.

06:18 PM Hits the post, Aniket! Roshan with one of his typical positive runs down the left flank. Finds Rahim, who's ball beats the keeper wide. Tight angle, but Aniket hits the post.

Low inclusiveness in the second half as Naorem curls one from his favourite position wide. The man must be disappointed.

06:15 PM Aniket fouls a centre back, trying too hard to regain the possession he lost. Same story, again! Aniket loses possession and gives a free-kick to regain it. We all know the script, don't we?

Meanwhile, India is playing a high line and Roshan just cleared a ball over the top.

06:13 PM Meetei runs into a loose ball, and shows the speed and threat again. Rahim tries to take a shot from a Ashish's through. Is wide. The team has showed good intentions, but not good quality on the ball. Aniket fouls a centre back, trying too hard to regain the possession he lost.

06:08 PM Meetei and Suresh exchange passes, and the winger tries to find Aniket with a long diagonal. Is a little too powerful for the forward. Rahim's first touch is disappointing, yet again. Corner to India. Meetei takes it but curls it over the bar. 

06:05 PM Attack from the left wing. A mistake by Asish, is saved by Gill. Roshan has again taken the left back position. Naorem is a wily coverer. Sensibly in the ball, smart off it. Free kick to Garhwal, in an interesting position. Just outside the box. Although, their No. 11 curls it over. Poor attempt to be fair.



Watch the Indian U-19 plying their trade against Garhwal FC

05:58 PM Princeton is operating as a central midfielder alongside Suresh. Rahim is the no. 10 and Naorem and Meetei are kissing the wings. Roshan and Naorem have exchanged positions. Roshan is playing as the left winger at the moment

05:55 PM Naorem tries to curl one into the first post, but is saved. Meanwhile, the attacks have slowed down as Kamal, for Garhwal is off. 

05:50 PM Gill under the bar, Roshan on the left back position. Suresh has the armband. Naorem, Rahim, Aniket and Meetei start as well. Jitendra has started in the centre back position. Princeton Rebellion, the FC Goa youngster, has also started in the midfield.

05:40 PM Komal and Amarjit are practising close control together. The boys are playing small passed circles.


Watch Indian U-17 substitutes practising in the halftime 

05:33 PM Good competition and experience for the lads. The starting XI looks set for Matos at the qualifiers. Boris looks dehydrated. Rahim and Aniket will look to replace Bodo and Edmund at some point in time. Suresh, Meetei and Aniket will all be looking to make an appearance.

05:30 PM Pranjal is offside and a good move from India, built by Edmund and Bodo breaks down. And the referee whistles to indicate the end of the first half of the game. Half time: India 1-0 Garhwal.

05:28 PM Boris with a brilliant block against the physical ability of Garhwal no. 15. Abhishek Yadav, Aiff's COO is here. Boris takes on one defender and crosses to the second post, is a little heavy. Abhishek makes two attempts, is close but weak.

05:26 PM Brilliant clearance from the captain Panwar. Corner to the visiting side. Corner, headed out, but a shot comes in after the clearance. Is well over. Stalin and Pranjal combine on Tue left, but the attempt is blocked.

05:24 PM Bhutia with a corner, and the counter is stopped with Abhishek's tackle on Charles. Was a crunching one. Charles is fit to continue. Free kick to Garhwal on the right wing. Close to the corner.

05:22 PM Former DSK Shivajians lad Pranjal has started on the left. Tries a run, dribble and shoots. Is blocked.

05:20 PM Foil in Bhutia and a card. freekick to AIFF XI. Stalin is standing over it. Boris is coughing, but looks in okay shape. Stalin takes it, hits the wall. Matos asked Bodo to leave the ball for Stalin.

05:18 PM Abhishek, on the ball, is one of the best India have. A delightful long ball to find the left winger, the player fails to control it well.

05:16 PM Thapa and Charles exchange passes close to the Indian box, but they lose possession for a goal-kick. Lalawmpuia was through again but is deemed offside. Stalin's love for grounded passes is almost surreal. In about 45 minutes, the left-back has not made one long pass, not even a poor clearance. Surely One for the future.

05:14 PM Jeakson looks to have grown from strength to strength. He's very comfortable shielding the ball and distributing it. Dheeraj's long balls are a delight to watch. It's a men Vs boys, and the boys are leading. That's the right growth of Indian football.

05:10 PM Goal, but offside. Jeakson and Abhishek combine to feed Bodo, but the forward is offside. Boris with a run and a brilliant through. Converted by Lalawmpuia. Even Xavi would be proud of the through ball.

05:05 PM Free kick to Garhwal on the right. Curled in on the second post. Is headed for an easy collection by Dheeraj. 

05:02 PM Sahil Panwar is still wearing the captain's armband. Deepak Tangri has been the pick of the defence. A brilliant shift from the lanky centre back.

05:00 PM Norton Matos just signalled Sanjeev to send the content on the second post. Is misplaced by the left back. Tangri clears the counter-attack with a good tackle. Anwar and Rahul have trained too, but look to be in a little pain.

04:57 PM Jeakson tried to find an onrushing Bhutia in the box, but is a little heavy. Shot and save! Bhutia with the attempt. Parties by the goalkeeper.

04:55 PM Dheeraj with a brilliant save from a one on one. Jeakson is controlling the midfield brilliantly. Edmund has also started. Meanwhile, the Garhwal no. 15 looks dominant in the midfield. Boris with a long run and attempt, but is weak on his left foot.

04:45 PM Here is the starting line up for the India U-19: Dheeraj (GK), Stalin, Sahil Panwar, Tangri, Boris. Abhishek, jeakson, Bhutia, Lalawnpuia, Bodo.

The team is playing a preparatory friendly at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, and Khel Now editor Punit Tripathi will bring you the live updates from the thick of the action! Stay tuned. 

The U-19 team is managed by India's manager at the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017, Luis Norton de Matos, and the Portuguese has called up most of his squad from the World Cup to the AFC U-19 Championship qualifiers' squad. 

Players who've been left out are Namit Deshpande, who had a terrific game against Colombia. Also left out are Antony Hendry and Mohd. Shahjahan and Sunny Dhaliwal, players who didn't play a part at the FIFA U-17 World Cup earlier this month. 

Here's the plan ahead: India U-17 team players selected to play at AFC U-19 qualifiers by Luis Norton De Matos

The list of 29 probable in the Camp stay as follows:

GOALKEEPERS: Dheeraj Singh, Prabhsukhan Singh Gill, Mohammad Nawaz.

DEFENDERS: Boris SinghJitendra SinghAnwar AliSanjeev Stalin, Sahil Panwar, Deepak Tangri, Amal Das, Namgyal Bhutia, Asish Rai.

MIDFIELDERS: Suresh SinghNinthoinganba MeeteiAmarjit SinghAbhijit SarkarLalengmawiaKomal ThatalJeakson SinghNongdamba NaoremRahul Kannoly Praveen, Naorem Roshan Singh, Pranjal Bhumij, Abhishek Haldar, Princeton Rebello.

FORWARDS: Aniket JadhavRahim AliLalawampuia, Edmund Lalrindika.

Published: Sun Oct 22, 2017 06:31 PM IST


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