Top 10 players with most Grand Slam finals in Men’s Singles


April 8 2023
most Grand Slam finals

These legends of the game made their way to plenty of finals in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports and yet some individuals excel in staying at the top for many years. Over many decades, the sport has produced sensational athletes who became popular figures all over the world and the most popular are the ones who have played most Grand Slam finals. Their popularity stretched beyond tennis and people from all walks of life took notice and applauded their achievements in the sport.

When it comes to tournaments, the Grand Slams are the biggest ones on offer alongside perhaps the Olympics. Winning a Grand Slam tournament ensures one’s name in the history books. Having said that, even reaching the final of a Grand Slam is a massive feat in itself.

Observing the record books, some players in men’s tennis, legendary figures of the sport, made several appearances in the Grand Slam finals. Here is a look at the top 10 players with the most Grand Slam finals in Men’s Singles:

Andy Murray – 11

Andy Murray is regarded as the greatest British tennis player of all time and the British player with the most Grand Slam finals. He has made 11 final appearances in Grand Slam tournaments in his career. Out of those 11 finals, Murray won a total of three. Interestingly, he has reached the final of the Australian Open on five occasions but did not win in any one of them.

John McEnroe – 15

American legend John McEnroe reached a record seventh most Grand Slam finals (15) during his career. He is regarded as one of the finest tennis stars to come from the United States of America. He won a total of seven Grand Slam titles back in the day, winning the US Open four times and the Wimbledon three times.

Andre Agassi – 15

Andre Agassi also made 15 Grand Slam final appearances. During his playing days, the American was popular for his bald head full of anger and aggression. Although, he was a joy to watch and would dominate his opponents with power and precision. He won eight Grand Slam titles.

Jimmy Connors – 15

Jimmy Connors is another American who made 15 Grand Slam final appearances in Men’s Singles category. He won eight of his 15 finals, five of them being the US Open. Interestingly, Connors never won the French Open.

Bjorn Borg – 16

Bengaluru Open 2023

Bjorn Borg is the greatest tennis player from Sweden and the Swedish player with the most Grand Slam finals. The 11-time Grand Slam winner made 16 final appearances, therefore losing only five of his finals. He won five consecutive Wimbledon titles and four consecutive French Open titles. He never won either the Australian Open or the US Open as the hard court was never his best friend.

Pete Sampras – 18

Pete Sampras is arguably the greatest American to play tennis in the men’s category. He made 18 Grand Slam final appearances in Men’s Singles. He won 14 of those finals. The former World No.1 won seven Wimbledon, five US Open and two Australian Open titles. 

Ivan Lendl – 19

Ivan Lendl of the Czech Republic made it to 19 Grand Slam finals during his playing days. He won eight Grand Slam titles but he could never secure the Wimbledon title, reaching its final on two occasions. He is the player with the most Grand Slam finals outside the Big Three of men’s tennis.

Rafael Nadal – 30


Heading into the top three, one will find usual names that dominate almost every other record in tennis. Rafael Nadal sits in third position with 30 Grand Slam final appearances. He has a joint-record 22 Grand Slam titles to his name. The legendary Spaniard still has a few years of top-level tennis left in him and may add more to climb up on the list of most Grand Slam finals.

Roger Federer – 31

Roger Federer holds the second spot on the list of players with the most Grand Slam finals with his 31 appearances in Men’s Singles category. The Swiss international is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He won 20 Grand Slam titles and has now retired as a professional.

Novak Djokovic – 33

Novak Djokovic is the record holder for the most Grand Slam finals in Men’s Singles. He has reached the mark on 33 occasions, winning 22 of them. He shares the record for most Grand Slam wins with his friend and rival Nadal. However, seeing as both players are still active, the number of final appearances may possibly see an increase in the future.

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