Top five most streamed WWE theme songs on Spotify

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 10 2023
Top five most streamed WWE theme songs on Spotify

WWE is one of the most addictive sports entertainment, which not only celebrates the wrestling matches, wrestlers and storylines but also the theme song with which they enter the ring. More than the wrestlers played in the ring, their music played in the heads of their fans more often. Here are the top 5 most streamed WWE theme songs on Spotify.

5. Batista- I Walk Alone (28 million)

Batista in WWE is known for his built physique, powerbombs, and cool pyro entrances. His entrance with the “I Walk Alone” theme is something cool that his fans admire. “I Walk Alone” is a song by Saliva on the 2006 WWE Wreckless Intent Compilation Album. This theme song has a separate fan base which has one of the highest streams in Spotify with 28 Million streams.

4. Randy Orton- Voices (40 million)

Orton has had two theme songs in WWE so far, where ‘Voices’ is his second theme which he has been using since 2008, which has been addictive for more than 15 years. The song was created with a collaboration of American Rock band Rev Theory and WWE Music composer, Jim Johnston. Voices is considered as one of the most iconic WWE theme songs, which is currently the fourth most streamed WWE theme song in Spotify with 40 million streams.

3. John Cena- The Time is Now (46 million)

Talking about iconic themes, John Cena’s “The Time is Now” is one of the most widely popular WWE theme songs for a long time. Cena has been using this theme since 2005, which was sung by the leader of Cenation himself. This song is one of the most streamed WWE theme songs with 46 million streams in Spotify.

2. Triple H- The Game (78 million)

Triple H has been using ‘The King of Kings’ theme at present, which he brought back after a long time since becoming an authority head in WWE. However when he was actively wrestling, Triple H used “The Game” theme, which signifies who he is. Triple H’s ‘Game’ theme has been composed by Motorhead, which he also performed in the arena during Triple H’s entrance. ‘The Game’ theme is one of the most addictive themes of all time, which has 78 million streams on Spotify, making it the second most streamed WWE songs as of November 2023.

1. CM Punk- The Fire Burns (84 million)

‘The Fire Burns’ is the first entrance theme song of CM Punk, which he used during the initial years. The song was created by Killswitch Engage, from the Wreckless Intent album. Punk’s theme has a record making play of 84 million streams on Spotify making it one of the most streamed WWE theme songs of all time. Although CM Punk’s ‘Cult of Personality’ theme has a higher stream rate than this, WWE however doesn’t own the rights for the song and doesn’t come under his wing.

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